End-to-End Encryption coming to Google Messages Group Chats

When it comes to Messaging services, an End-to-End Encryption connection is mandatory for any platform. Since in Messaging services, We share sensitive information with others, It is necessary to protect the contents. Google Messages, They already rolled out this encryption for individual connections. Now, Google plans to roll out End-to-End Encryption in Group Messages Also. Now it is available in Beta; We can expect a massive rollout soon.
Google Messages Group Settings

End-to-End Encryption in Google Messaging

End-to-end encryption first came the end-to-end encryption feature of Google Messages’ RCS experience in late 2020, when the part was made available to all users worldwide. However, encrypted messaging could be available only in chats 1-on-1 at the time, so conversations in groups were not encrypted.

Reddit User Details

Users on the subreddit r/GoogleMessages discovered RCS users in a giant chat comprised of Google Messages and Samsung Messages. After further investigation, Redditors noticed that end-to-end encryption in the group chat was available via Google Messages, meaning that RCS group chats were encrypted. One message was received that said encryption was enabled.

Google Messages Group End-to End Encryption

It’s the early stages; however, there is an issue. All participants must switch to the right side to allow the RCS discussion group to function with authentic encryption from end to end. The app would likely return to its normal unencrypted mode in this instance; however, in the single example we’ve seen, it appears that the app tried but failed to send encrypted messages.

A debugging menu(see below, will show the possibility that E2EE is turned on in your device to allow chat rooms, but there’s no method to determine at this time or even to make it happen.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders


Google mentioned in the blog post that the feature would launch in open beta in the coming months. It appears that we’re starting to see signs of the initial testing phase slowly building up.

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Wrap Up

After Work From Home became the new regular, Most users opt-in for Group Messaging services. Even though Google Messages is not fully useful for Group Chats, It will be helpful for private groups and some specific tasks. So, With the help of End-to-End Encryption, we can secure our conversations. What are your thoughts about End-to-End Encryption in Google Messages Groups? Share your thoughts below.

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