Paypal and Venmo Joining Apple Tap to Pay Contactless Payments

When you handle small payments in restaurants, Grocery shops, or Super Market, You don’t have to pay the amount using your Credit card and Debit Card, Which always takes time, and it is not always safe to hand over the cards to Strangers. In those situations, You can use contactless payments. Apple already has Contactless payments. So, It is like a gateway; you can integrate any available payment options into Apple Pay. Now, Paypal and Venmo are Joining Apple Tap to Pay Contactless Payments.
Apple iPhone Pay to Merchant

Apple Tap to Pay

The Tap-to-Pay function that’s available on iPhone XS or newer, and it’s easy to use. Sellers have to open the app, sign up for sale, then present the iPhone at the time of purchase to the customer, which can be used with a contactless payment method. Stripe, Adyen, and other companies are also using Tap to Pay.

At present, Tap to Pay is accessible in Apple retail stores as well as Square has also announced assistance for this feature. Small retailers and independent stores using Square to pay for transactions can accept contactless payment directly through Square’s Square Point of Sale application without a Square accessory hardware device.

Paypal and Venmo Joining Apple Tap to Pay Contactless Payments

Apple ID Payment PayPal

PayPal is set to allow businesses across the US to accept payments directly from their iPhones. The company has added integration of Apple’s Tap to Pay technology into the PayPal and Venmo apps for iOS. This means merchants can now accept debit or credit cards that are contactless and mobile wallets without the need for an additional card reader.

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Support for the service will add support for PayPal along with Venmo “soon,” PayPal announced during its quarter-end 2022 earnings report, which was released on Thursday ( pdf). This isn’t the sole recent effort to enhance the use of Venmo; Venmo is also being added as an option for payment to Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Wrap Up

Paypal and Venmo Joining Apple’s Tap to Pay Contactless Payments will be helpful to all iPhone users. Adding popular third-party payment methods is a wise idea. Also, Other companies should utilize this variable feature. It will enhance the user base of transactions of Paypal. It also should provide exclusive flexible transaction API and gateways to support a massive Apple Pay user base. ‘What are your thoughts about Paypal and Venmo Add-on on Apple Contactless payment? Share your thoughts below.

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