After Verizon Google Play Store will not accept AT&T Carrier Billing

Running an online business depends on lots of factors. Converting users’ entry into sales is another milestone. In the checkout, lots of billing options will always increase sales. Also, grouping all the payments into a single payment gateway will be more beneficial for them. You can pay the Play Store app bills in the US when you pay your carrier bill payments. You can check out with your carrier account. They will add the respective app payment to your monthly payment bills. But, in recent months, Google has been facing issues with the proper amount from carriers. So, they slowly detach the mobile carriers from the system. Google already mentioned Verizon customers couldn’t purchase the apps through Verizon billing. Now, After Verizon Google Play Store will not accept AT&T Carrier Billing.
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Google Play Store will not accept AT&T Carrier Billing

A new notice has been issued to inform AT&T customers of any changes to the phone plan. Beginning this month, newly signed-up subscribers and those who have yet to establish new carrier billing can not use their monthly bills to pay for apps or other digital media. Existing users can continue using their usual payment method; however, once September arrives, AT&T will no longer be an official Google Play payment partner.

Google Play Store will not accept AT&T Bill Payment

What is the reason for Google stopping support for billing on US carriers?

The changes make Boost Mobile, T-Mobile (ex-Sprint customers), and US Cellular subscribers the only ones who can charge through their phone charges. Similar to previously, debit and credit cards PayPal, Google Play gift cards, as well as Google Pay balances remain options for Play Store users. Verizon used to be one of Google’s long-standing partners, but it ended its support abruptly at the beginning of the year. The company claimed that it was a “business decision.”

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It’s unclear why Google has decided to end support for AT&T. Still, the company previously dropped support for Verizon and left Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, and US Cellular as the only currently supported carriers in the US.

How do I update the new payment method on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store Subscription Payment

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • On the right-hand side in the upper right, click the profile icon.
  • Select Payments & Subscriptions Payment Methods.
  • Choose Edit Payment Method.
  • If you are logged into the payment method, you wish to modify, select edit.
  • Make sure you update your profile and then click to edit.

Change payment method at checkout

  • Go to the pay item’s details page.
  • Click to view the price.
  • Then, next to the currently used payment method, Click the Down Arrow.
  • Select any of your current payment methods, or choose to add another one.
  • Follow the screen instructions to finish your purchase.

Wrap Up

Even though both parties didn’t reveal the reasons, there may be some payout issues can be there. Since You purchase the app using billing payment. You pay the amount after 30 or 45 days. So, The cost was already got late by the carriers. Then the mobile carriers have to payout to Google, which will take s another few days. From Google, the payment will go to developers. So, The carrier billing payment is a long chain cycle that should act flawlessly. Compared with regular Credit/Debit card payments, Carrier bill payments are complicated, and Google is slowly ditching the payment methods. Are you AT&T or Verizon users who use carrier billing in Play Store purchases? How much does the detachment of carrier billing affect you? Share your thoughts below.

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