Amazon Kindle Alternative Pocketbook Era 7-Inch available for $199 with Speakers

Amazon is following its legacy with Kindle Edition platforms. Since they start selling books, They don’t follow the e-book platform as a gimmick. They have a separate platform that works well with the users, and the Kindle E-Book readers are famous among people. Still now, Only a few alternatives are available up to the Kindle standard and support. Pocketbook is one of the popular alternatives for Kindle due to its design and reading experience. Now, Amazon Kindle Alternative Pocketbook Era 7-Inch is available for $199 with Speakers. The price starts from $199 and goes up to $250.
Pocketbook Era E-Book Display

Pocketbook Era 7-Inch

PocketBook Era, which They just announced, has similar specs to the Kindle Oasis. These speakers can play audiobooks and podcasts as well as music. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the device to headphones or speakers. Although we don’t know the speaker’s power, we expect it to deliver good audio quality. The speaker technology is not new to E Ink devices. Onyx Boox products such as the Nova Air and Nova Air already have the technology. It’s not strictly an e-reader, however. The company refers to it even as an E Ink tablet.


Pocketbook era Front Side View

PocketBook Era has some impressive specs. It features a 7-inch E Ink Carta 1200 LCD with a resolution of 1264 x 160080 (300 pixels/inch). It comes with a 1Ghz processor and 1GB RAM. This is not a lot of power, but it will suffice for an e-reader. The 1,700mAh battery is also included, and the company claims it will provide you with around a month’s worth of intermittent reading.

File and Language Support

This is a lot more than a Kindle or a Kobo e-reader. The PocketBook Era supports 29 file formats, including 19 e-book formats, six audio files, and four graphic formats. You can also access 22 preloaded dictionary files, which are great for learning new languages.

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Pocketbook era Back Side View

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

PocketBook claims that the Era is equipped with anti-scratch technology – a critical feature when a glass layer covers the screen – and is waterproofed to IPX8, which means it can be submerged up to two meters for up 60 minutes.


The PocketBook Era was $199 for the 16GB model in Stardust Silver and $249 for 64GB in Sunset Copper. Although the company claims it will be available in July of this year, we have yet to hear any more information or find out where you can buy it other than Goodreader.

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Wrap Up

What are your thoughts about the Pocketbook Era? There will be no challengers available on some platforms, and the famous company may play a monopoly. Amazon already dropped support for Old Kindles. Some users may not satisfy with the Kindle and may look for alternatives. For those interested in trying out new things, Pocketbook Era may give a pleasant experience. Compared with Kindle, the price is also reasonable. Do you think it is a fair price? Share your thoughts below.

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