You can sideload Android APK files in Windows 11 outside of the Amazon App Store

There are plenty of new features available in Windows 11. But all of them attract with one feature. From Windows 11, You can install and use Android Apps without any emulator or alternative solutions. Yes, You can use it like Windows Apps. But in the initial build, there is no rollout direct installation. But after Amazon App Store fully rollout and gets support, We can sideload APK files in Windows 11 outside of the Amazon App Store. It is a big move from Microsoft, allowing alternate platform OS without any hassle installation. It will also attract Chrome OS users too.
Windows 11 OS in Microsoft Surface Pro

Windows 11 is the biggest update to the Windows operating system since Windows 10, and it is the next evolution of Windows. It has a new user interface, a Start menu, and lots more features, and the new Windows 11 user interface and start menu are the same as Windows 10X. Also, having pinned apps, recent files, and the ability to shut down quickly.

Android App support in Windows 11

This week Microsoft has given shocking news to the industry observers at its Windows 11 event. At the next version of the operating system it makes, Android will be available. You can download the apps from Amazon’s Appstore through the updated new Window Store in the updated OS. These apps run natively on Windows 11. The Start menu and pinned to the taskbar maybe get integrated and tile or “windows” as part of updated OS.

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Install Android Apps Using Amazon App Store in Windows 11

This combination(partnership)of Amazon is to increase the curiosity of the Amazon Appstore. Because of the lack of investment and ties to Amazon, Fire devices are fizzled over the years, which are outsold by iPad. Windows users open up a huge featured market to Android by bringing 3 million Android apps. Since Amazon is involved in this, you cannot find play services here, so you can’t get help from Google.

To make the Apps Store integration possible on x86, intel uses intel bridge technology by partnering with Microsoft; Microsoft also notes it in that event. Still, Intel-powered app will also run on AMD and Arm processors, but the Verge noted that there is no information shared about the technical details of how they will work.

TitkTok Android App in Microsoft Windows Store

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

It was demonstrated that TikTok would run in a vertical format on the new Windows OS. It is not the best example, but TikTok has a relatively usable website for watching videos. In the new update, they also have the images of the Amazon Appstore in the Windows Store other apps, including those from Ring, Uber, Yahoo, Khan Academy, Kindle, Game of War: Fire Age, MyTalking Tom Friends, and more which indicates this is a comprehensive rollout.

Developer Profit Share in Amazon App Store Windows Version

Before this announcement, Amazon said that it would shortly reduce its 30% share on app developer profits to 20 as a part of a new program for a small business. It helps to boost support for Appstore and also to have the promotional credits for AWS. Non-game developers can also keep 100% of their money on the broader Windows Store if they use their payment methods for in-app purchases. Microsoft splits company income with apps and games. That uses its platform at 85%/15% and 88%/12%, respectively.

It makes the Windows Store more developer-friendly than Apple Store. There are still many unknowns about Windows 11, but one thing is confirming that you can sideload your apps at some point.

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Sideload Android Apps in Windows 11

Android Sideload Support Windows 11 Official Tweet

There is a working around of using Google Play Store also in Windows 11. But there is no clear confirmation like Amazon App Store. One of the Windows users asked Microsoft Engineer that is there any chance to sideload the APK files in Windows 11. He answered as “Yes.” There may make some shortcuts, or additional steps may require to manage the permissions. But there is a chance.

Wrap Up

Like Windows apps outside installations, There is a chance of using sideload of Android apps. Since Windows can run Android as a default app, It won’t consume massive resources like other Emulators. Also, Unlike previous versions, Windows 11 looks completely simple and neat, from icons to other options. Since some popular apps stick only with Android, The adaptation attracts more users towards Windows OS.

Unlike Windows OS version apps, Android has huge varieties and can differ from dpi and Architecture. So, It is our responsibility to choose the correct version when sideloading Android Apps to Windows. Because when we use App Stores, Mostly it will suggest to us the compatible apps. What do you think about the Android apps support in Windows 11? Share your thoughts below.

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