YouTube Premium Annual Plans are now available for $108

Even though every platform that needs revenue allows Ads, It is not a successful business plan in the long term. Subscription-based media only win in the long run. That’s why YouTube will enable users to use their platform without Ads when they opt-in for monthly or annual plans. When a platform charges us, They should provide some unique content other than removing Ads. That’s why youtube offers some Original premium ranges. According to the price, what we get is not a match. But, Now, YouTube Premium Annual Plans are now available for $108, which falls nearly $9/Month. It is a great deal compared with the usual $12/month. Also, YouTube Music is available for $90/Year. The regular YouTube Premium plan includes Music Premium. So, You don’t have to buy both.
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YouTube Premium new Annual Plans

New users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium now see the “Or save money by signing up for an annual family, student, or plan” option beneath the regular subscription/”Try it for free” button. These two options have been used for quite a long time; however, an annual subscription is brand new.

Many people prefer to pay for subscriptions once per year instead of monthly, and YouTube has finally addressed that. In reality, a huge company such as Google making this move will hopefully incite more companies to suit and offer this feature. However, in comparison against Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming video providers with YouTube Premium, users who are using YouTube Premium to get rid of advertisements or music do not often unsubscribe. They resubscribe, as they can use the benefits regularly.

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How much can you save with YouTube Premium Annual Plans?

YouTube Premium Annual Plan Savings

Google has your answer if you’re thinking about why you may want to change from a monthly subscription to an annual plan. The company offers discounts for yearly subscriptions to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music which helps new subscribers save money for 12 months. Premium subscribers can get the best deal, which is $108 per year, saving you $3 every month and a total of $36. If you’re only interested in a streaming service for music, then you can get the annual plan at $90, which will save you $2.50 each month or $30 in total.

There aren’t many days to look into this offer. YouTube offers each price as a promotional plan with the rates scheduled to expire on January 23rdof, 2022.

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How do I activate your YouTube Premium annual plan?

YouTube Premoum Annual Plan Activation

  • Open the YouTube website or YouTube Music app/website.
  • Select your profile photo and tap Join YouTube Premium.
  • Choose to save money from an annual student, family, or family plan.
  • Select the Get Annual Plan button, then follow the steps to finish your purchase.

Wrap Up

We will not judge the price of YouTueb Premium and Music Premium. But, When you are planning to subscribe to both services, This is the time, You can grab the deal. Saving $36 on a $100 package is a great deal. But as advice, Instead of buying the Music Premium plan, It is wise to buy YouTube Premium, which comes with the bundle of the Music Premium plan also. Since It is not a regular offer, You can subscribe before the offer ends. When you are already using monthly techniques, What is your experience with Premium plans? Share your thoughts below.

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