You can get $30 off on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with Any working Headphones Trade-In

Samsung wants everybody to use Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Because the deal they are providing is like they are giving tells the hint. We can’t get many features after we purchase the headphones. But Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is different. Recently they roll out the firmware update for the earbuds that allow us to adjust the right left volume. It will help to one side hearing problem people. Along with the useful features, Now You can get $30 off on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with Any working Headphones Trade-In. You can give any working wired or wireless headphones to get that $30 offer.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with Charger case and phone

Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds Pro last week, along with Samsung Galaxy S21 series mobile. The new Galaxy Buds Pro are the best earbuds from Samsung, and it is getting a lot of positive reviews from the customers. You also have thought of purchasing these earbuds with super studio sound, but like others, you are also facing the price barrier that Samsung has set as $200. The good news for you is, you can get these fabulous earbuds at a discount of up to $50 with eligible audio device trade-in.

$30 off on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with Any working Headphones Trade-In

If you have planned to buy these Galaxy Buds Pro, you can trade-in your old wired or Wireless earbuds that are lying inside any of your drawers getting dusty. You can get from $30 up to  $50 discounts with trade-in these useless earbuds. Here are the two offers from Samsung with eligible trade-in.

$30 Instant Discount

$30 off on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Most of you will love this $30 off trade-in offer, and it’s a pretty solid offer. To avail of this offer, tell Samsung that you have an earbud; it can be wired or Wireless in working condition. Samsung will instantly give your $30 off on your Galaxy Buds Pro purchase. Interestingly, this wired earbud can be ordinary earbuds available for $10 from Amazon or the dusty one you have forgotten to throw in the drawers.

$50 off discount

$50 off on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Unlike the ordinary wired or Wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ can take you to the maximum discount of $50 on the Galaxy Buds Pro purchase. If you have either of these two earbuds and want an upgrade, you can have a solid offer. $50 off, isn’t it much?

How to Claim $30 off for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro?

First of all, to claim this valuable offer, decide the earbuds you want to use in the trade-in. Go to and order your Galaxy Buds Pro. At checkout, select the trade-in offer and tell Samsung what you have for trade-in from the qualifying devices; it can be Galaxy buds Live, Galaxy Buds+, Wireless audio headset, or Wired audio headset. On selecting any of these options, Samsung offers you an instant discount on your purchase for your trade-in.

You have 15 days to send in your old device that you trade-in to Samsung once you receive the Galaxy Buds Pro. If you fail to do so, you will be charging the full amount from your original payment method.

Eligible Earbuds for this Trade-In

The $50 discount’s eligibility is the Galaxy Buds Live or the Galaxy Buds+ in working conditions with charger and case if applicable. For a $30 trade-in, you need ordinarily wired or Wireless earbuds. These earbuds must be in working condition and should not fall in the Samsung banned list for handsets.

Wrap Up

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro supports SmartThings find. So, You can track your missing earbuds. Either you are a music lover or a busy person, you need some headset that facilitates your needs in both cases. Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro is no doubt the best earbuds from Samsung ever. It’s a dream of music lovers and a necessity for a busy person to manage routine calls during work. With the Buds Pro launch, Samsung tried to remove the price hurdle by offering trade-in offers for eligible devices. It is a limited time offer to upgrade your old earbuds if you want.

A $30 off for ordinary wired or Wireless headset and a $50 off for trade-in with Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ is a solid offer you can get ever. Keep in mind that the Apple AirPod Pro that costs you $219. You can get the same audio quality with the additional feature, which is available for just $150 with a trade-in offer. Hurry up! It’s limited-time offers, and you won’t get it if you waste time thinking. Do tell us in the comments below about the audio experience of the new Galaxy Buds Pro.

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