Direct Qualcomm GPU Driver Updates Coming to Android Mobiles

When Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 865 and 765 series, Along with the processor specs, they announced some software update related news. In those exclusive features, they told them they are going to push the direct OTA update to optimize the GPU drivers in Android Mobiles. As per the announcement, In the Google Games Developer summit, Google also confirmed this upcoming update. So, Hereafter like other apps updates in the Play Store. We are going to get direct optimize updates from Qualcomm. It is like driver updates on the PC. It will reduce the time cycle delay between the mobile manufacturer’s update and the processor updates.
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What is the Direct Qualcomm GPU Driver Update?

Before this update announcement, Whenever the processor manufacturer made optimizations, they have to submit these drivers to the mobile manufacturers. The mobile manufacturer pushes the optimizations and patch along with their regular monthly security patch updates. If you notice the process, you can understand it is time-consuming. Also, your GPU can’t reach the full potential with the latest optimizations.

Direct GPU Driver Updates Android Mobiles

If your mobile manufacturer uses Custom Skin OS, The update may take a long time to compare with the same processor mobile with Stock Android. So, To reduce this timeline and optimize the processor frequently, Qualcomm introduced the direct driver OTA update using Play Store. So, Hereafter supporting the latest processors can get the optimizations and patch update in the Play Store. You can easily understand the concept of the updates using the above flow chart.

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Before this new method, it can take 30-120 days to receive the optimization update done by the Qualcomm to your mobile GPU. But, Hereafter, you can get the update within 7-30 days interval. The timeline is the assumption. It may vary as per the Qualcomm process.

Direct GPU Driver updates via Google Play Store

Adreno GPU Driver Support Play Store

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Yes, like Desktop processors, you will get the GPU updates from the Play Store Directly from Qualcomm. It will reflect after 865 and 765 snapdragon processors. Qualcomm didn’t explain about the Old processors. It is currently done using the monthly patch updates by your Mobile Manufacturer. In recent days the Google Play Store is utilizing in the right way. After the Android 10 version, Google pushing important patch updates to all mobiles using Play Store.

Testing Results

You may wonder how much the update can impact your GPU experience. Qualcomm officially announced in the Pixel 4 XL with Google optimization they can get 40% GPU utilization. It helps to get high frame rates and better battery life. They didn’t enclose what game they tested and how much time they tested like that. But, What here we can learn is, the Direct GPU updates can bring optimizations and patch updates that can enhance your GPU and will give better Gaming experience. These results are for regular mobiles. When you have Game exclusive mobiles like Asus ROG Phone, Black shark, you can expect better results.

Android Mobiles that Support Play Store GPU Driver update

Initially, Qualcomm announced the following devices would get this kind of update from Play Store. Soon they will roll out to a lot of mobiles that have the latest processors.

  • Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970 series)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973 series)

If you notice these mobiles have Snapdragon 855 processors, But they still can get the direct updates. So, Qualcomm will release the updates for supporting processors as much as possible.

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Wrap Up

Most of the users nowadays utilize their free time by playing games on their mobiles. The games are not like Old-time. Some of the Games match the PC level quality on mobile. So, Qualcomm has to give a better gaming experience. Compare with other processor manufacturers. Snapdragon processor GPU is always better. Google and Qualcomm are collaborating with Game studios. Google considering Stadia Gaming as a serious gaming platform. Thus the steps like these software updates and optimization can make better mobile gaming experience, Even if we play high resolution and high frame rate games. What are your thoughts on this direct Play Store update? Did you feel it can make your gaming experience better? Comment below.

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