Essential PH-2 may have in-display camera If it is released

Yep If it is released..I Love Essential brand, the idea behind this phone is Awesome. Did you know? They are the one Who started Notch Display Era. They file a patent for Pop-up Camera Before everyone released. Now they are filing a patent for in-display camera. The problem is they are failed to get the market in Essential PH-1. Their software updates are near to Google Updates. Monthly updates and Version upgrades, everything will always be on time. Andy Rubin officially announced about the dis-continue products including mobiles.

Have you heard? The Essential’s new high-end smartphone will feature in-display screen technology and a fingerprint sensor. The brand filed a patent for these features which are expected to be present on the latest model to be launched quite soon. In a recently published patent, the upcoming Essential Phone PH-2 will come with one camera and a light sensor, all hidden behind the OLED or LCD.

Also, the patent highlighted a fingerprint which is situated at the rear side of the device; this is unlikely to the previous rumors about the next Essential’s smartphone coming with a sensor which is equally located under the display. Having a camera under display is a new technology; we haven’t seen any smartphone feature such a design before. So, if Essential should launch a device with this feature, they’d be the first brand to have done that.No Front camera phone Snow Selfie

What we saw from the published patent for Essential PH-2

Essential PH-2 in screen camera patent

The device will be all display, certainly. Users will enjoy full-screen display without any notch. However, the brand – Essential was the first to feature a notch display screen; they initiated this display on the Essential PH-1. The Essential PH-1 has received a lot of good reviews and recommendations from lots of Android users worldwide. This is not unconnected to the fact that Essential maintains constant update to their device’s software which is close to Google pixel Updates.

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As a brand, Essential hasn’t gotten so much popular or earned so many positive reviews; nevertheless, with the launch of Essential PH-1, the company drew close with a lot of positive reviews, and if the PH-2 starts with in-display, definitely, the company will rise to fame. This was the brand that first filed a patent to have pop-up cameras integrated on their devices. So, this is not the first time we hear of a cutting-edge, futuristic feature from the brand.

As you can see, Yes there will be a selfie camera behind the screen: dual Rear cameras and a flash. Rear mounted fingerprint sensor and Pins for Essential product mods like 360 Degree camera. And At the bottom of this device will lie a USB Type-C port just as present in the former model. Also, we saw the speaker grill at this area, plus a Nano-SIM slot.

The patent publication didn’t reveal many things, but we hope to hear more news from the brand. However, it is the in-display screen technology that got everyone seeking to know about the Essential PH2. Having a camera hidden inside a device screen will bring the display solution which other brands couldn’t deliver. PH-1 smartphone from this brand was quite excellent; how much good would this model be to its users?

Final words

We are at a time where we wake up to meet with several new technologies being integrated into different devices and systems. This would bring about a revolution to the mobile world if finally brought to life by this brand.

Previously, while Essential had often filed patents for quite a lot of futuristic patents, most of the times, they end up not being the first to launch the patented features. Well, a patent will always remain as a patent, If they not released. So, expect in-display as the new screen display tech you’ll find on Essential PH-2.

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Via: TNW

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