Privacy Focused OSOM OV1 Phone from Essential Phone Team is coming

Mobile Industry is a highly competitive sector where leading companies like Samsung also struggle a lot to get back into their position sometimes. Since The Trend change is significant, most companies can’t survive. We know Red Camera Company tells us that they will release mobile, and we know what the story is. They can’t keep up with the new hardware setup, and the final product already has old specs. There are always companies that come and go. But only a few make remember them—the team behind Essential planning to release a Privacy-Focused OSOM OV1 Phone. The name itself is excellent OSOM spells Awesome. But, Nothing can be predicted until they release and what users think about it.
Osom OV1 Back Side

The Essential phone comes with great fresh ideas like add-on accessories and Timely OTA Updates like Google. They come with many plans like Home products and different styles of mobiles. They failed due to some internal issues.

Team Behind Essential Phone Planning to Make a New Phone

The people behind Essential Phone are currently working on a new OSOM OV1 phone. A report published from AndroidPolice describes the coming privacy-focused Android phone and provides a rendering of its back, along with information about the software, privacy information, and other details.

Essential, the company that made smartphones previously led by Android creator Andy Rubin, might decline; however, the team behind the popular phone isn’t finished yet. Recently Android Police Team was able to speak with Jason Keats, the CEO and co-founder of OSOM Products, a company created from the remains of Essential in the year. Then, after a long period of speculation, Keats is finally prepared and ready to talk about the plans for the company. The OV1 is OSOM’s debut smartphone.

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Privacy Focused OSOM OV1 Phone

OSOM OV1 Phone Back Side Details

OSOM Products is based out of Quebec, Canada, and was established with the help of Jason Keats last year. The team’s core comprises the same people who created The Essential PH-1 minus Andy Rubin. The main focus of OSOM is user privacy, and more importantly, having precise reports of what information is being used through apps at all times. Keats says that the OSOM is “100-fold more efficient” in telling users what information is accessible at all times than rival Android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

OV1 (Vault 1) will feature dual rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back, and an unknown Qualcomm chipset for the handset. It will feature close to the stock Android interface, and we’ll be able to know more about it during MWC in February. Jason Keats specified OV1 is not an update that is a sequel to Essential PH-1 and that the phone will feature Google Mobile Services.

The phone will be running Android However; They told AP Team that there would be some additional customizations over the defaults we’re used to; however, as Keats stated, they’re doing everything they can to maintain the stock-like AOSP appearance. It’s like was the Essential PH-1 delivered.

Availability and Pricing

As per the report, The OV1 is in the phase of development, and the render is based on the prototype that was first developed, so there are a lot of variables susceptible to alteration. The plan is to get the phone available on the market by summer 2022. Based on the style we may predict, It can be an upper mid-range mobile. The price may fall around $600-700. It purely depends on how much they can sell.

Can OSOM OV1 Phone Win?

OSOM OV1 Phone is not a regular phone. As they said, it will be an exclusive privacy-focused phone. So, It may not win among general users. But, Techies can focus on this kind of mobiles. So, They can slowly start their selling, and when they can move towards Second or Third-Gen, They may become another OnePlus.

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Wrap Up

Trust is hard to earn. Since Essential is a failure, People doubt the new mobile, and only a few reviewers and techie users may purchase the phone. When any mobiles fall under a particular category, prolonged usage, most people always go for regular mobiles like Samsung or Google. But, On the bright side, Companies like OnePlus have begun to use Color OS. Only Google and a few Android One devices are using Stock Android. Custom ROMs can’t give that many security features as leading companies do.

The OSOM team keeps up their promise for updates and regular support; they can be one of the best Privacy mobile companies. Also, People like Elon Musk and other tops began to talk about DeCentralized Internet Web 3.0. So, Privacy is still a need among regular users. The OSOM OV1 Phone may not get breakthrough sales. But, When they keep pushing in the long run, They can be one of the unavoidable mobile companies like Samsung. What are your thoughts about OSOM OV1 Phone? Did you think, They can deliver what they promise? Share your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “Privacy Focused OSOM OV1 Phone from Essential Phone Team is coming

  1. With on Going Supply Chain Demands, Even Leading companies are struggling. Hope They will find a way to release the first batch orders.

    • Essential Phone fails to reach out to customers. But the customers are ready to buy. The OSOM team should fix all the previous issues.

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