G Suite Legacy Free Edition users can continue their account for Free Personal Usage

Every software-related tech companies always have they’re of free and paid plans. The free program is limited and makes users purchase the paid plans with additional features. Google has its Workspace, aka G Suite platform, to provide works for Enterprise. Google also offers a free program in their G Suite platform. But recently announced they would shut down the free plan and make users move to paid plans. But after getting months of surveys, Google is planning not to shut down the free program. Instead, others limit the project to personal usage and make limitations on some business-related features.
G Suite Legacy Plan Choose

No G-Suite User Account email for free From Google

Then, in January of 2022, G Suite Legacy free edition administrators received an email notifying them that the support for the product they and their businesses had been using for the last 16 years was ending. The announcement threw many of their loyal customers into a rage. Many did not be able to comprehend why Google was attempting to introduce the brand new and improved Workspace to them at an additional cost.

Google lets users use the Free Legacy G Suite Plan

G Suite Free Legacy Plan Choose

According to Reddit group info, Google is now permitting users to switch to a new, free plan by using the affected account’s Administration Console. Alongside the suggested program geared toward “business use,” the company has also added an option, the “personal use” option, which is an option to opt-out of an automatic switch to paid plans scheduled for the 27th of June. If you opt for this plan and keep your domain, you can access Workspace services and other Google applications and be able to keep all purchases at no cost.

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About the New The Free G Suite Legacy Plan

The choice to go with this plan comes with the cost of sacrificing any “business functionality,” including 24/7 support channels. Google says that the option is only strictly for personal use, which means if you run your business using a traditional G Suite account, you’ll have to pay some money.

If you opt you want to switch to an upgraded plan in the future, Google will offer users a “special discount” available through Admin Console. Those who have already upgraded before the initial 1st of May deadline may contact support to switch back to a no-cost plan if you transfer your account before the 19th of January 2022.

Restrictions As Per Google

G Suite Legacy Plan Limitations

G Suite legacy free edition is intended only for personal, non-commercial usage. If you employ G Suite legacy free edition to conduct business, Google will transition your account to Google Workspace. G Suite legacy free edition is not supported, and, shortly, we could remove some functions for businesses.

Wrap Up

When you are a big company and provide accessible facilities to users, it always gets a vast user volume. So, You can’t take users to make them pay for what they signed for. You can attract users with additional features for paid plans. But, When you force free users, It is not good business ethics. Fortunately, Google asked users about their opinions, and they fought for what they wanted. Google listened and did its best. Even though the features are limited and Google will push you to a business plan when you didn’t use it for personal only usage, From nothing to free is ok for users. What are your thoughts on Google’s take on the free legacy G Suite Plan? Share your thoughts below.

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