Google Pixel 6/Pro available in Singapore from SGD 999

Most of the Google software products are available worldwide, same as in the US region. But when it comes to hardware products, Google products are not widely available worldwide like Samsung. Google is slowly expanding its region year by year. But the product availability always takes a long time to go for sale seven in approved countries. Google Pixel 6 was released on October 2021 in the USA. But, Now only Google Pixel 6/Pro is available in Singapore from SGD 999. Along with regular Pixel 6 and Pro versions, Accessories like Chargers and Case are also available.
Google Pixel 6 Back Side with Notebook

Pixel 6 Launch from Google

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been popular since Google introduced their products in October. The flurry of pre-orders immediately following the announcement was enough to close Google’s store for a couple of hours and the majority of SKUs going out for more than 30 days in the span of. The most impressive thing is that the phones could break record-breaking quarterly sales for Google despite having only nine countries and a limited supply. As supply is now getting a bit more stable, Google has launched the Pixel 6 series in Italy and Spain via their online stores.

Google Pixel 6/Pro available in Singapore

After a quiet launch of the Pixel 6 series in Italy and Spain at the beginning of March, Google released the phones in Singapore. They will be available exclusively through Google’s online store in Singapore, and prices start at $999 on the Pixel 6 and S$1,299 for the Pixel 6 Pro. Like in Italy or Spain, Google offers phones with 128GB of storage; the 256GB version isn’t available. In terms of colors, Google Pixel 6 is available in two colors. Pixel 6 is available in Stormy Black and Sorta Seaform colors, and the Pro model comes with Stormy Black and Cloudy White shades.

Google Pixel 6 and Pro version Singapore Price Details

Alongside the two smartphones, Google also offers the 2nd-generation Pixel Stand, a 30W USB-C charger, and the official Pixel 6 case cases available in Singapore.

  • Google Pixel 6 (Regular version) – SGD 999
  • Pixel 6 Pro (High-End Version) – SGD 1,299
  • Pixel 6/Pro Mobile Case – From SGD 49
  • Google Pixel Stand (Wireless Charger)- SGD 119
  • 30W USB-C Wired Charger – SGD 45

Google is likely to expand the phone’s availability to more countries once they catch up to demand and the shortage of semiconductors is eased.

Highlights and Technical Specs

The commercials tout the new Google Tensor SoC, the Magic Eraser function, which deletes background items and people, and Live Translate, which translates conversations. Without using the Internet, you may translate messages and photographs in real-time. Pixel 6 and Pro phones include a hole-punch display with a cutout in the top center and Security Hub for further anti-phishing and anti-hacking protection.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Google Pixel 6 Pro Rear Camera Setup

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will come with Google’s Tensor SoC, which is 80 percent quicker than the Snapdragon 765G SoC in the Pixel 5, and It will come with the Titan M2 security chip, according to the retailer’s website. Both phones are said to feature a 50-megapixel primary sensor, which would catch 150 percent more light than previous Pixel smartphones, as well as 12-megapixel ultra-wide cameras.

The Pixel 6 Pro comes with a telephoto lens with a 4x optical zoom that can expand to 20x utilizing Super Res Zoom. A Magic Eraser feature in Pixel’s flagship model removes people and other undesired things from photos.

According to the official details, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will receive four major Android updates and five years of security fixes after its official launch later this month.

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Wrap Up

Pixel mobiles are not getting attention in other countries because of their price difference. Even though the price falls between $599 in the USA, We can’t expect the same price for other countries. For Example, Google Pixel 6 rate in Singapore as per the conversion is roughly USD 742. It is USD 143 high than the regular price. So, When Google ant to succeed in the hardware industry, They have to understand how the market works.

Mobile buyers always compare the world market price. When it comes to Samsung mobiles, We can’t notice a massive difference in the price range like Google mobiles. If you are in Singapore, did you plan to buy Google Pixel 6 or consider other mobiles? Share your thoughts below.

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