Google Pay now allows you to send money to Other Country People

Google Pay is slowly becoming the primary payment source for most of the payment gateway in Online and Physical stores. However, based on the country, The Google Pay integration differs. There is no crossover transaction between different countries due to a lot of restrictions between country rules. Now, Google plans to roll out cross-country transactions using Western Union and Wise. Initially, US Google Pay users can now send money to India and Singapore. Soo, we can expect the wide rollout to other countries.
Google Pay to Other Countries

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform that Google introduced on September 11, 2015. This is the online payment method innovated by Google that uses for contactless purchases on mobile devices. Google pay is the easiest way to send money to your friends and family, recharge your mobile number.

Both actions sending and receiving have been done using Google Pay with zero fees, from your main account to anyone. In addition, they are providing endless Rewards; if you win any scratch cards, Google will directly add that amount to your account.

Google Pay Send Money to Different Country Contacts

Google Pay Send Money to Different Country Contacts

There is pleasing news for the Google Pay users in the US that Google Pay adds new International Transfers for Indian and Singapore(Limited for now). Google assures that “ By the end of 2021, US users can expect that they can transfer money to people more than 200 countries and territories via Western Union and more the 80 countries via Wise,” stated in the blog post from the company.

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Western Union and Wise have joined as partnered with the company, which integrated their services into Google Pay.

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Why they Chosen India and Singapore first?

Woodward, the director of Product Management at Google, said that India was the largest receiving country for remittances in 2019. According to the World Bank, India received more than $80 billion in the year; meanwhile, the Us is the biggest senders.

The Singapore government plans to create new and more that make it attractive to the technology-oriented companies and Entrepreneurs, and Singapore is poised going to become Asia’s Silicon Valley. So users from Singapore also have more benefits from this new feature.

How to Send Google Pay Money to Other Country Users?

The Google pay users in the US can send money only to the Indian and Singapore users. If you are not having the redesign or updated Google Pay, download the Play Store’s latest version. Make the setup by following the steps set out by Google, including setting up your bank account details.

Google Pay Send Money to Other Countries using Western Union

If you need to send money internationally, you need to start a search for the Google Pay users, whom you want to send money to its app tap on “Pay” and select either Western Union or Wise. From there, you can transfer the money as per simple Google Pay guidance. For example, if you initiate sending money to the Indian users or Singapore users, Google Pay intimates about the exact amount that the receiver will receive depends upon the dollars of that current date.


The company said that Google Pay users from the US could send their money without any extra charges(unlimited free transfers) until June 16, which Western Union offers. After that, when users transfer money through Wise, they will be charged $500 to make the first transfer for new customers. The new update Google pay is for diving into the international remittances, worth $470 billion, in a bid to take on rivals Paypal and Samsung Pay.

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Wrap Up

Google already working on physical Debit cards to make payments in non-NFC payments gateways. However, nowadays, people face more trouble due to Current uncomfortable situations; During this period, Google Pay is the Boon to transfer money for their needs. Moreover, it is now more useful because it becomes an International money transfer. Therefore, when they made a wide rollout with new countries, It can reduce the Wire Transfer huge time delay, which may sometimes take 7-15 days based on the Bank and the country.

Most of the Freelancers are getting International payments using Paypal and Payoneer. They have to rely on these platforms for small payments too. With Google Pay, they can reduce the time delay the money reflects on their bank account. What are your thoughts about Google Pay Cross Country Send feature?. Did you find it useful? Share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Google Pay now allows you to send money to Other Country People

  1. What kind of rates will google offer, as in our country, google allows to pay via telecom credit, but that costs a lot as it already arrives after-tax deduction? What will be the transfer rate if someone knows or has first-hand experience sending money through google pay?.

    • Currently, Western Union transfers money without charge as a promotion. Based on your country’s availability, You can choose two or more third-party options.

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