Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Price in All Countries

Google is a software king. There is no doubt about that. But when it comes to hardware, there is always a gap between them. Because most of the hardware devices are produced by third parties, and Google adapts them. We already know about the Nexus series and how it works. After Google released the Pixel series, Software Wise, They got lots of positive feedbacks. But Hardware wise they always get some criticism based on the price range. But, Google Pixel 6 series breaks all the limits and criticizes Google Pixel phones. Beginning with The processor and other hardware, Google focuses more and optimizes everything. Also, The price is more reasonable than we thought. Here we listed Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro prices in All Countries. The price may vary depending on the local Tax of your region. The price is free from Tax.
Google Pixel 6 Pro with Retail Box

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro phones were released on October 19th, 2021. The design of the smartphones is already known to users by some leaks, and the two devices will be the first to be powered by Google’s own Tensor SoC. Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro ads online, showcasing the phones’ design and essential features.

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro will come in three different color patterns. UK-based store listings have predicted the smartphone’s characteristics and features. Both smartphones have Google’s latest Tensor chip and the Titan M2 security chip. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will charge at 30 watts, but a separate 30-watt charger will be available. Before the official release, the Tipster already reveals official color names for the two Pixel smartphones and the memory possibilities.

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Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Price in All Countries

Google Pixel 6 Price Range in All Countries

We listed the General price means; all the prices are based on USD. So, Your local price may slightly increase or decrease.

Currency Google Pixel 6 Rate Google Pixel 6 Pro-Rate
US Dollar 599 899
Euro 599 849
British Pound 434 651
Indian Rupee 44824 67274
Australian Dollar 800 1201
Canadian Dollar 739 1109
Singapore Dollar 806 1210
Swiss Franc 551 827
Malaysian Ringgit 2491 3739
Japanese Yen 68341 102569
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 3833 5753
Argentine Peso 59486 89278
Australian Dollar 800 1201
Bahraini Dinar 225 338
Botswana Pula 6700 10056
Brazilian Real 3353 5032
British Pound 434 651
Bruneian Dollar 806 1210
Bulgarian Lev 1007 1511
Canadian Dollar 739 1109
Chilean Peso 487608 731818
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 3833 5753
Colombian Peso 2257974 3388845
Croatian Kuna 3863 5798
Czech Koruna 13186 19790
Danish Krone 3830 5748
Emirati Dirham 2200 3302
Euro 515 773
Hong Kong Dollar 4658 6990
Hungarian Forint 187312 281124
Icelandic Krona 77206 115873
Indian Rupee 44824 67274
Indonesian Rupiah 8465332 12705065
Iranian Rial 25173164 37780759
Israeli Shekel 1924 2887
Japanese Yen 68341 102569
Kazakhstani Tenge 255330 383208
Kuwaiti Dinar 181 271
Libyan Dinar 2726 4091
Malaysian Ringgit 2491 3739
Mauritian Rupee 25968 38974
Mexican Peso 12142 18223
Nepalese Rupee 72055 108143
New Zealand Dollar 835 1253
Norwegian Krone 5002 7508
Omani Rial 230 346
Pakistani Rupee 103970 156041
Philippine Peso 30441 45687
Polish Zloty 2366 3551
Qatari Riyal 2180 3272
Romanian New Leu 2547 3822
Russian Ruble 42506 63795
Saudi Arabian Riyal 2246 3371
Singapore Dollar 806 1210
South African Rand 8680 13027
South Korean Won 704954 1058020
Sri Lankan Rupee 120402 180703
Swedish Krona 5149 7727
Swiss Franc 551 827
Taiwan New Dollar 16697 25060
Thai Baht 20012 30035
Trinidadian Dollar 4065 6101
Turkish Lira 5553 8334
Venezuelan Bolivar 249219459 374037219

Highlights and Technical Specs

The commercials tout the new Google Tensor SoC, the Magic Eraser function, which deletes background items and people, and Live Translate, which translates conversations. Without using the Internet, you may translate messages and photographs in real-time. Pixel 6 and Pro phones include a hole-punch display with a cutout in the top center and Security Hub for further anti-phishing and anti-hacking protection.

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Google Pixel 6 Pro Rear Camera Setup

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will come with Google’s Tensor SoC, which is 80 percent quicker than the Snapdragon 765G SoC in the Pixel 5, and It will come with the Titan M2 security chip, according to the retailer’s website. Both phones are said to feature a 50-megapixel primary sensor, which would catch 150 percent more light than previous Pixel smartphones, as well as 12-megapixel ultra-wide cameras.

The Pixel 6 Pro comes with a telephoto lens with a 4x optical zoom that can expand to 20x utilizing Super Res Zoom. A Magic Eraser feature in Pixel’s flagship model removes people and other undesired things from photos.

 According to the official details, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will receive four major Android updates and five years of security fixes after its official launch later this month.

How can Google give Pixel 6 in a Low Price Range?

Evan Lei, a Twitter user, reported seeing the Pixel 6 series pricing at a Target store early of launch. The Google Pixel 6 is expected to retail for $599 (about Rs. 45,900) for the 128GB variant, and $898 (about Rs. 67,500) for the standard 128GB storage option on the Google Pixel 6 Pro. M. Brandon Lee, a tipster, has confirmed this, stating that the pricing is the same. If accurate, these are pretty aggressive charges from Google, and Lee even claims that the company is willing to take losses to win market dominance. The Google Pixel 6 range’s pricing in the United States and the United Kingdom is already known. Even with flagship specs, the Pixel 6 will be $100 less expensive than the mid-range Pixel 5, released last year at $699.

If you plan to purchase the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, you should do it as soon as they are available. Given the low price and the persistent semiconductor shortage, getting your hands on the new Pixels may be difficult for a long time.

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Wrap Up

People begin to Adapt to the $1000 price range. When you buy a $1000 mobile, you will get the specs that you paid for. But the question is did can we utilize the full power. Spending more than $700-800 is not worth the high-end mobiles. All other specs are gimmicks. For just $599 price range For Google Pixel 6, You can get a world-class camera setup and industry best software experience. Also, Google Pixel 6 series will get Five Years OTA update. Also, The build quality can stand for Five Years.

The main reason people buy Pixel 6 is Google has begun to take mobile sales seriously, and they begin to use an in-house processor like iPhones. The base price is also high in some regions, and UK prices are always high compared with other countries. Did you plan to buy Pixel 6? Did you think the price is reasonable in your area? Share your thoughts below.

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