Google Pixel Mobiles now showing Smart Doorbell Alert Preview in Android 12

The benefit with Pixel mobile is not only will you get quick updates, but most of the exclusive features are also available with Pixel mobiles. Since Google is a software tech giant, They continuously roll out useful real-time features, often in Android. Now, Google Pixel Mobiles showing Smart Doorbell Alert Preview in Android 12. It will work with most Smart Door Bell solutions, including Nest devices. You have to update your Google app to the new version to use this feature or opt-in for Beta versions. You can also sideload the app to get the part.
Doorbell Alert in Google Pixel 6 Android 12

Smart Doorbell Alert Preview in Android 12 Glance Widget

Google has announced an update to its At the Glance widget to allow Pixel owners to access and view many more things right from their screen locks. We’re now getting a great glimpse of what’s happening right outside our front doors, thanks to the ability to view our doorbell cameras through our screen locks.

A new menu for settings to control At a Glance is also being introduced, but it appears to be a distinct issue to the camera for doors feature. The widget will issue an email notification whenever an associated doorbell detects an activity. It will also show an image of the live view taken from its camera as seen from Nest doorbells, as shown in the pictures below, at least on the screen for the lock.

Personal Safety app and provide details about connected devices, among others. In addition to camera views of your doorbell, the brand At a Glance app is now available. At a Glance will also alert you when your flashlight is switched on. It will then display a safety alert whenever you begin counting down using Personal Safety. The chief technical editor Mishaal Rahman personally tested the new feature rollout.

How to Manually enable Smart Doorbell Alert Preview in Android 12?

It appears that a server-side change along with the v13.0.6 beta version of the Google application caused these changes to be made. You can bet to see if you can get the latest version yourself by sideloading.

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The above official un-install update will be helpful when the current update affects your app. But when you want to use the two or three versions old update, you have to install the app version using third-party sites manually. You have to choose the app based on your Android version and choose the “no dpi” universal app.

  • Install the app. Sometimes the Installation may ask to replace the app version. Allow replacing.

Wrap Up

Google constantly tests new features initially with limited users. When you are opt-in for Beta, you will receive most of the parts early compared with other users. When you didn’t receive the update, or the feature doesn’t work even after the Beta enrolls, you can sideload the app using the above method. We don’t always stay with the Nest Hub or other Standard displays. But We are always roaming with our mobile most of the time. So, Doorbell alert with preview at a Glance is an excellent feature for Pixels from Google. Did you try the new Doorbell preview feature? Share your thoughts below.

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