New Moto Wear OS Smartwatch with Snapdragon 4100 processor is coming

Moto always plays safe games in the mobile category. They make the products that have demands, or they are popular in that category. Moto is famous for mid-range mobiles. Also, Their Moto 360 Wear OS Smart Watch is the best. Due to other companies like Samsung using their OS, Instead of common Wear OS, The premium choices are less in the Wear OS category. Moto didn’t maintain the Smartwatch series year by release. Instead, they focus on new technologies. Whenever there is a new change in the Wearable industry, They released a Smartwatch with new features. Now, Moto is working on a new Wear OS Smartwatch with Snapdragon 4100 processor.
Moto Watch in Retail Box

It looks like we’d be seeing more Moto-branded smartwatches this year, as shared by a Reddit user who examined the “investor presentation.” The story broke out on Reddit when TheMacJezza shared how he could read the texts from the leaked photos of the upcoming “Moto G Smartwatch,” which is expected to launch in June this year.

Three Moto Smartwatches may Launch in 2021, Including Snapdragon 4100 variant

The investor presentation showed about four smartwatches from the Moto brand. Three devices are shown to run Wear OS, with a couple of great specs give us high hopes of expecting a sturdy and more efficient Moto smartwatch. However, the fourth smartphone didn’t show up clearly, but it looks like it would use the Snapdragon Wear 4100. OnePlus is also working on a Smartwatch with Snapdragon 4100+ processor.

Already, a product road map for 2021 showed three Moto-branded smartwatches; Moto G Smartwatch, Moto Watch, and Moto One. While Moto G Smartwatch is expected to launch in June 2021, the other two watches are launched in July.  The fourth watch in the investor presentation had an unclear imprint on the outer ring, which many people have believed to read “Snapdragon Wear 4100.” This fourth watch is unnamed, and the specs are not yet known – though it imprints GPS, NFC, and ATM information – the watch could be a higher specced version of the expected three smartwatches from the Moto brand.

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Moto Wear OS Smartwatch with Snapdragon 4100 Processor

On a clear note, the “Snapdragon Wear 4100” imprint on this new watch. Moto was printed in a different position than the “Wear 3100” imprint on today’s Moto 360 watch. No one is sure of the water-resistance rating of this mysterious new watch, but speculators said it’d be “3” or “5.”

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Features of Moto Smartwatch 2021

It appears that the heart rate sensor is in the same position – on this new watch -as on other Moto watches. However, the underside is transparent, and it can expose a charging coil. This gives us a hint that Moto may be switching from pogo pins charging to wireless charging.

If this white watch is actually real, it’s already looking like it’d be great. However, The color did not include the road map for Moto smartwatches that would be launched this year. More so, the watch has a force-out circular button, which is not seen on the three known Moto smartwatches to launch this year.

But, 9to5Google suggests that this unnamed watch may be a “follow-up to the Moto 360,”  which could be why Moto didn’t include it in the road map slide.

What More?

Compare with other Wear OS Smartwatch devices, Moto 360 always looks premium and has useful features. Using the latest technology in the new devices always a great idea. Along with 4100, Snapdragon released a 4100+ processor for wearables. We already know when to expect the three smartwatches from Moto for this year. But for this unknown watch that showed up in the investor presentation, the launch date is not yet certain. From your perspective, what do you think about using Snapdragon 4100 processor in Moto Smartwatch? They can follow the same price tag plan, or Because of the new processor, It will cost more in the name of Premium?. Share your thoughts.

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