$80 Nokia 2720 V Flip phone will support Verizon 4G VoLTE

All US mobile carriers already announced that they would shut down their 2G and 3G networks by 2022. Even though they give time for users, The shutdown process already started in most of the regions. They are slowly changing twoers into 4G and 5G. Most of the users use basic phones for different purposes. They will use it as a secondary phone. For making basic calls and messages, some users prefer basic feature phones. Verizon offering low price mobiles which support 4G VoLTE under $100. But they are not popular branded mobiles. But recently released $80 Nokia 2720 V Flip phone will support Verizon 4G VoLTE. So, When you want to spend money on a reliable phone, You can buy a Nokia Flip phone.
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Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone Specifications

The Nokia 2720 V Flip phone is a “smart feature phone” with an outer display of 1.3-inch, which shows you Caller ID and time/day/date. At the bottom half of the phone 2MP rear camera is normally placed and features an LED Flash. Qualcomm 205 chip with 512 is using in this new model. Users can get 4GB RAM internal storage. If you open the flip, the mobile looks with a QVGA display and a number and d-pad.

The mobile battery has 1500mAh, removal, and changes over micro-USB of standby time touted for 26 days. The mobile weight is 0.26 pounds. They providing two sim slots; users can use Nano Sim. Bluetooth version 4.1 is used in this mobile.

Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone Will Works With Verizon 4G VoLTE

Two years after, HMD brings the classic Nokia Flip feature phone to US users. This version is getting more improved, which is capable of 4G connectivity and Google Assistant support. Another good news about this new version is, this mobile is available on Verizon.

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Nokia 2720 V Flip phone Verizon Network Compatibility

We can say the classic clamshell handset user’s dream comes true. This handset will support 4G LTE, VoLTE, VoWiFi along with a Wi-Fi hotspot feature, and you can download the apps whatever you want using KaiStore.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

This updated feature will make much happy for the senior persons because they can access all the apps in Keypad with big buttons. Some of the senior peoples not having aware of using touchscreen mobiles.

This smart feature mobile has a button on the left edge that lets users launch Google Assistant to start calls and send SMS; even users can get search results through their voice. Users can find many pre-install apps available on this phone, including Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook apps, and more from KaiStore. Users cannot expect Google Play or Play Store, that Operating System for feature phones having its app store.

What additional features can you use with this Verizon-compatible Nokia Flip Phone?

Using this mobile, we can do HD calls, watch the video, and basic web browsing. The mobile has an emergency button and accessibility aspects like increasing the alert volume 50% louder and text size 100% larger. The emergency button is used to help if needed; by a long press or quick double press, users can send a message to 5 dedicated contacts to let them know the emergency and the user’s location. These options are used for calling also. The main physical features are the mobile having a 3.5mm headphone jack and volume rocker.

The mobile is made with “tough polycarbonate” with an exposed top hinge when closed, so it is strong enough to handle the knocks in everyday life.

Wrap Up

Not all mobiles are compatible with US carriers. You can’t use any unlocked mobile with US mobile operators. They have to approve the mobile before usage. Also, You should have VoLTE support on your mobile for making calls and messages. Verizon already offering some mobiles under $100 with VoLTE support.

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We all know about the US market and pricing for the 4G smartphones, but now Verizon changes that view and changes the mind thoughts of the 4G Users. Yes the US peoples can get 4G handset at their affordable price, that cost only $80. The Nokia 2720 V Flip available in Verizon only for $80 from May 20th online or in-store. Did you plan to buy Nokia 2720 V Flip phone with Verizon for your basic usage? Share your thoughts below.

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