Best Xiaomi Redmi 5 Custom ROMs

redmi 5 home screen

Using custom ROMs in recent days increased. People love to use Stock Android instead of heavily customized UI. Because mobile manufacturers have to distinguish themself from others, they must implement differences in the UI. Xiaomi Redmi 5 is a mid-range mobile. Xiaomi stopped updates for this mobile a few years back. The last version major […]

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Samsung July 2022 Data Breach leaked Customer Name, Date of Birth and Product Information

Samsung Data Breach July 2022 Imaginary Picture

Samsung recently admitted that it went through a Data breach that compromised some of its customer’s details. There is no leak of sensitive information like Social Security numbers, Credit/Debit card details. Samsung already fixed the security issues and informed the affected users about the subject. The data leak happened due to third-party access to customer […]

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