Root Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F Pie 9.0 using TWRP

Samsung Galaxy A50 comes With Good specs like 6 GB RAM and One UI 9.0 Pie firmware, So Interns of rooting; you want you can follow this process. Why I am saying like this Because 6 GB RAM is more than enough, we Root our devices for Major two reasons, Remove Bloatware and use Custom OS. In rare category If you are a user who can’t live without some root required apps. You have Enough Internal memory and RAM so that you can live with Bloatware, No problem. But if you have other reasons, you can proceed further.
Samsung Galaxy A50 with Tree in Temple Background

Why should you Root Samsung Galaxy A50?

In the only situation, you have a strong reason for rooting. Yes, with 6 GB RAM and optimized One UI Pie 9.0 it can perform well then you expected. But if you are a root user, who always use some exclusive root apps. You can use the below method to root your Samsung Galaxy A50. If you rooted some Netflix HD, Amazon Prime functions might not work due to OEM unlock.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F

Samsung Galaxy A50 International variants come with a flexible bootloader. This means that the smartphone can be easily rooted. Also, the device can accept to install TWRP recovery or any other custom recovery file/app alike.

TWRP recovery is a custom recovery file which must be installed on Samsung Galaxy devices because you can root them successfully. In this article, we explained the easiest method to follow and install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy A50. However, the tool required for rooting this device is the TWRP App.

With the help of TWRP Recovery, you can quickly flash the latest version of Magisk into your Samsung Galaxy A50 to gain and manage root access. Before sharing the tutorial, you may want to know that, with the TWRP recovery present on your device, you can easily install any custom ROM or firmware. Does it seem complicated? Relax, everything will be explained succinctly in bullets.

Things to check out for;

  • Check your device model number.

  • Make sure your device battery is charged above 50%

  • Backup your current files and data, just in case (save them on external storage).

Pre-Requirement Steps

Enabling developer option

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock in your mobile. To do this; go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options,” then go to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock. There is no complicated process in the Samsung Galaxy A50.

  • Also, download the ODIN software. Select above Oreo version in the ODIN list. Install ODIN in your PC.

  • Download Magisk.Zip (Download Latest version) and RMM State Bypass, Copy it to Your Phone Memory. We Need to flash RMM State to avoid OEM Lock automatically in future after the Root process. 
  • Download and save the TWRP File. Select Correct TWRP file from Below. This TWRPs can support Up to Pie. Before selecting TWRP, Go to settings>> About >> View your Firmware version if you have ASB select respective ASB TWRP.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Firmware Details

Flash TWRP using ODIN

Samsung A50 Download Mode

  • Connect your USB Cable with PC. Switch off your device. Then, enter into Download mode. To do this; press and hold down the Volume Down + Volume Up buttons at the same time and connect your Type C Cable.

Samsung A50 Download Mode Warning Message


  • Press the Volume Up button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Now, connect the Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile to the computer via USB cable.

  • Launch the Odin app on your computer. If the device is detected by this app (Odin), it will show you a message that reads – added!!!

ODIN Added Message


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However, if the device is not correctly connected to the PC, you won’t see this message. So, you have to check the USB cable if it is good and reconnect the device.

  • After connecting the Samsung device, click on the PDA/PA button to browse/search and get the TWRP from where you saved it on your PC. Also, navigate to “options” and tick the Auto Reboot.

Odin Auto Reboot

  • Click on “Start”

  • Once the file is loaded into the device, reboot your device.

  • Kudos, you have just Installed the TWRP/CF-Auto-Root on your Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F. If you installed TWRP, Don’t turn on your mobile. Immediately, move to Magisk Installation steps.

Install Magisk, RMM State in your Samsung Galaxy A50 using TWRP

  • Boot it Into recovery mode->Volume Up + Power Button.
  • Now it Will Boot into TWRP Recovery Mode.
  • Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select Cache Data.
  • Return to Home of TWRP select Install.
  • Select Magisk.Zip. After Installation again Navigate to Home select Install. Select RMM State Bypass.
  • After the Installation Reboot Your Mobile.
  • Now You Can Install Magisk Manager, If you need in your Mobile Applications. RMM State is used to avoid OEM Lock after rooting.

What More?

You should not Boot into Normal OS Booting, after TWRP. After TWRP Flash, Immediately Boot into Recovery or Else you will get Warning message FRP Lock. If you accidentally urged and boot frequently, Don’t panic, flash official stock firmware to get back into stock OS. We thank geiti94 – XDA Developer for TWRP files, Without this developer hard work, We can’t develop this process.

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64 thoughts on “Root Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F Pie 9.0 using TWRP

  1. hello, iam following your tutor. but im stuck on teamwin logo, and my device can`t turn off or restart, literally stuck! please help me!

    • You flashed TWRP Correctly, So you know about flash. I think you already figured out the solution. But if you didn’t, follow the below answers.
      1. Did you flash correct TWRP based on your firmware?
      2. Long Press Power Button 15-30 Seconds to completely turn off your device. And again don’t boot normal Boot. This time again boot into recovery. Before flashing Magisk, clear cache in TWRP.
      3. If none of them works, leave phone until battery drain and flash stock firmware to return to your device.

        • Ok. Understand your situation. I think some glitch happened during the first boot, or you urged the first boot without giving time. The first boot will take some time.
          Don’t panic; Sometimes it can happen during TWRP flash, As we tested three times, one time we got this issue. You can flash stock firmware using ODIN to get back to your device.
          After everything get back correctly, If you again want to TWRP, please care and choose correct TWRP based on your firmware.

        • Hi, I’m in the same situation as the others – I was able to get into TWRP the first time, but it froze, so I restarted.

          After which, I can only boot to a) the Samsung screen with the yellow triangle (“The phone is not running Samsung’s official software. etc etc”), and b) the download mode.

          When I enter b) and flash AP_TWRP_GALAXY_A50_Stable_ASC1_V2 (the appropriate firmware for my phone) via Odin v3.13, Odin shows the “PASS!” in a green box, and a green bar below it. The device remains in “Downloading… Do not turn off target”, and the white bar below it is almost full, but not full.

          Doing VolUp+Power does nothing, and VolDown+Power reboots it to the state described in a). I’m not able to boot into TWRP other than the first time, where it hangs/crashes and nothing can be done.

          Do advise

          • connect the phone to PC, press and hold volume down + power key, when your screen goes blank, release all keys and quickly press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down together.

  2. Hello,
    I followed as per your instructions exactly and choose the correct version but stuck on Teanwin logo. Please advise me on what to do. I keep pressing power button long more than 30 seconds but the power does not shut down.
    Kindly advise me.

    • Did you Boot into Recovery, Or You still have this problem?
      Long Press Power Button and again Boot into recovery. Don’t Boot into Normal OS.

      • Hi Selva,
        Still have this same problem.Stuck in teamwin logo.I try to boot into recovery but no luck.It boots only Samsung Galaxy A50 logo with warning yellow triangle and these words ” the phone is not running samsung official software.You may have problem with features or security.And you won’t be able to inatall software updates” .
        How can I access to recovery? .
        I try to access recovery but only this warning comes again and again. OEM unlock and Usb debugging is already on.

    • Can you tell your Mobile Build number?
      After the March update A505FDDU1ASC8 there is some security issue trigger Boot.

      • Boot into download mode…
        after boot press volume up + down together hold until blue screen download mode.
        Flash original firmware using Odin.
        Boot into recovery
        Wipe phone…

    • Due to Latest security Patch, It triggers Knox Security. If you have a rooting experience, carefully follow every step. If you are a newbie, I advise you to Don’t root.

  3. Until Now nobody can root Galaxy A50! What did you do?.. don’t play them! I am on XDA-Developer Forum… If you can root it.. give me the proof.

    • Nu suntem siguri de chestia asta. Am inclus doar versiunea internațională “F” și pe baza firmware-ului.

  4. hello,
    I have a Samsung A50, How I unlock a network sim card? Please help me. it is a sign by Vodafone-PORTUGAL

    • We can’t Unlock Region SIM Locked mobiles. There are some sites regarding this. Maybe you should pay for the SIM Locked mobiles. You can also contact your Operator regarding this. Bootloader Unlock and SIM Lock are different.

    • Boot into Recovery by Pressing Volume Up Button. Clear Cache in Recovery. Flash the firmware again to get Stock firmware.

  5. Hai my phone is Samsung a505FDDU2ASG4 want to install twrp and root with cf auto root, please give me guidance regarding this.

  6. Bro, I have already install magisk patched type os. after restart suddenly comes error (official binary are allowed to be flashed after I have to install magisk and twrp with Odin. But this error occurs, again and again, pls help me, bro.

  7. It gets stuck on the download screen, and in the top left corner it says
    Secure download is enabled whatever that’s supposed to do.
    and it also says at the bottom in red
    Custom Binary(RECOVERY) Blocked By OEM Lock

    P.S model: SM-A505F

    • Did you enable OEM Unlock? It is a warning Press Volume Up+ Power Button and Clear User Data and Setup like New Phone. Your data will be deleted. If you already signed in with Google account, your app data and contacts will be restored.

  8. Hello Am Having a Little Bit of Trouble as I Cannot Boot into Recovery Error Verifying Vb Meta Image.

    • Can you mention your model number and when you get this error after a flash of TWRP or Magisk installation?

  9. Hey, bro, will this work after Feb. sec. Patch 2020? And how can I view my firmware version, I can’t find it in about the phone? pls reply soon

    • It will work on Pie 9.0 version. If you updated to Android 10, you should not use this method. You can get the firmware version as “Build number” in the About section.

  10. My A50 is android 9 it didn’t get the q to update its still one UI 1.1 pie
    But get a small update in Feb 2020 for sec patch (can I use this method )
    I can’t find my firmware version is ASB or ASC in build no.
    So I don’t know which file should I download…

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