Download Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) SM-T580/T585/P580/P585 Oreo 8.1 Stock Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) comes with the Marshmallow version. Now you can update up to Oreo version. There may be no One UI Pie 9.0 update. Only Samsung knows, they can Roll out this update or not. I Don’t recommend Custom OS for the Tablets. Most of the times It didn’t fill full Screen. Some apps may not work. If you have rooted mobile, you can use Flashify app to flash the Oreo Firmware. If you flash using Flashify, your root access will be there even after the firmware flash. But, If you use ODIN method, you may lose root access. If you accidentally bricked your mobile, you can Unbrick your mobile using the ODIN manual method.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 inch 2016 with Coconut Trees Background

Oreo 8.1 Firmware Flash- Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

Official OTA Method

If you want to update a security patch to the current month. Don’t go for manual method. Before that method, try this OTA Method.

The process is simple and straightforward;

checking for software update android

  • Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom

  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process.

Manual Method ( SM-T580/ SM-T585/ SM-P580/ SM-P585 )


  • Check Your Device Mobile No. If you flash Different model number, you will lose some features based on your region.
  • Battery Percentage Above 50.
  • Backup Your Device.

Using ODIN Method

Enabling developer option

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock; you’ll find these options at Settings >>> Developer options. If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number; click on the “Build Number” row for about ten times regularly to activate “Developer Option” on your device.

  • We are using third party software flashing. Download ODIN and install this also in your PC. In ODIN version, select Oreo supporting version ODIN.
  • Download Firmware For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) Official Firmware. Select recent firmware. When selecting firmware, refer- How to choose correct firmware.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Download Mode


  • Switch off your Mobile. Enter into Download mode->Volume Down+ Home+ Power Buttons. Connect Your Mobile To PC via USB Cable, After Samsung Logo Appear, Release all keys.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Download Mode Warning Screen


  • After entering into Download Mode, it will say Warning Press Volume Up button to continue.
  • Launch Odin Application.

ODIN Added Message

  • It Will Show the message added.
  • If you did not get this message Repeat the above steps.
  • After Getting Added Message Select, AP/PDA Button then Browse for the Firmware file selects it. Tick the Auto Reboot.
  • Press Start wait for the tasks to complete. It will automatically reboot after the process complete.
Check Firmware
  • You can Check the Firmware Details->Settings->About->Version.

Samsung Galaxy Oreo 8.1 Experience 9.5

This firmware update updates your mobile to Samsung Experience 9.5 with a lot of upgrade features compared with Samsung Experience  9.0.


  • Bixby is like Google Assistant. Yes, Google assistant is best, But Bixby is Better in Samsung devices and can do a lot of things that GA Can’t do.
  • Bixby 2.0 added.
  • The natural conversation like Google Assistant.
  • Individual Feed recommendations
  • Faster response time compared with Bixby Older version.
  • Uber hail support added.

Dual Messenger

  • You can use a separate messaging account and use simultaneously.

Faster results

  • Search results from all in-Built apps and New results are added from Galaxy Apps and Google Play


  • Whole new, Redesigned Icons and Shortcuts.

Quick Panel

  • Now you can manage notifications based on their categories.

Samsung Cloud

  • You can easily sync your photos and files easily with Samsung cloud. (In-Built)

SmartThings (formerly Samsung Connect)

  • Control your Samsung Devices with Bixby or using this app.

Samsung Keyboard

  • Improved settings and GIF Emoji Added. Emoji 11.0 Added.


  • Find My Mobile improved with Custom Maps.

Wrap Up

Selecting correct firmware is the Major step in this process. If you follow all steps correctly, you can quickly flash firmware in your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016). If you face any problem or if you need any additional mirrors comment below.

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14 thoughts on “Download Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) SM-T580/T585/P580/P585 Oreo 8.1 Stock Firmware

  1. Hello,
    I have an SM-T585 tab, and I have tried to flash a firmware with Odin, and I am stuck in ”emmc checksum is failed”. I don-t know what to do next. Best regards.

  2. Hey Selva,
    I’ve run into a couple of issues with the T585 download link that you have provided.
    The firmware file is not a single file, but 4 (BL, AP, …), so “After Getting Added Message Select, AP/PDA Button then Browse for the Firmware file selects it.” is incorrect, because you can’t just upload the AP file with nothing else (at least that’s how I understand it based off other guides, perhaps I am wrong), you need to match the BL, AP, …, browse buttons with the beginning of file names.
    Secondly, I’ve encountered an issue when flashing the four files for my region (SER) with Odin v3.12.7 (The one in the link with the “Oreo Android version” label). After selecting the four files, it has only flashed one file and then quit, which is not the intended operation. After I downloaded Odin v3.13.1 (from the official site), it flashed it and worked fine.

    I just thought I would notify you of my findings and hopefully save someone a headache in the future. Thank you for these guides, they helped me root my tablet and make it less of a privacy nightmare :)

    • Unlike un-official methods. It is based on official TWRP; It means it is tested and works correctly. But, the problem is some of the P585 has the same issues. You should wait for the patch TWRP.

  3. Hey, I have 585 oreo, and I just get blue lines trying to install your twrp. I’ve tried older versions without success. Please im desperately wanting to flash this device and load a custom rom, but I cannot do so.

      • Hey, current build: M1AJQ.P585JXU3CRK3.
        android vers 8.1.0
        I’ve tried all the twrp versions, and I just get the black screen with either two blue lines or multiple read lines

        • The TWRP is the official version.
          You can try with twrp-3.3.0-0-gtanotexllte.img.tar or twrp-3.2.3-gtanotexllte.img.tar.

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