Samsung Galaxy Watch 2021 may come with Android Wear OS Instead of Tizen

Even if Samsung uses Android OS in their Galaxy Mobiles, They try to put more custom UI to look like a different OS. As much as possible, they also replace most of the popular apps with their Galaxy Store alternatives. Samsung Wear accessory Galaxy Watch comes with Tizen OS. It may be compatible with all Android mobiles. But it is limited when you use it out of Samsung mobiles. Compare with other Smartwatches Galaxy Watch is popular among users. So, Samsung is planning to bring Wear OS to Galaxy Watch 2021. They may release two Galaxy Watch- One with Tizen OS and the Other One with Android Wear OS.
Samsung Galaxy Watch with Retail Box

How about getting to know that the next Samsung Galaxy smartwatch won’t run Tizen OS but Google’s Android OS? Does that look to be good news or a weird one? The news broke out on Twitter on 19th February. According to @UniverseIce, “Samsung’s new watch will use Android to replace Tizen.”

Well, it’s been a while since the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, released an Android-powered smartwatch – the last Samsung Android watch was seen in 2014. Samsung has been releasing smartwatches powered with its in-house Tizen OS, but the upcoming watch would run Android. In other words, Samsung is switching to Wear OS for its smartwatches. However, since there is no official statement from Samsung, We assume that the new smartphone would also integrate Samsung’s own UI based on Android.

The Next Samsung Galaxy Watch to Run On Android Wear OS

It’s unclear what @UniverseIce depicts; the tweet didn’t specify that the next Samsung watch would run Wear OS, Google’s dedicated version of Android OS smartwatches. We can only speculate at the moment until Samsung releases an official statement to clear all doubts.

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Note: We aren’t sure the next Galaxy Watch would run Wear OS. The tweet is from trusted Ice Universe, and in the past, all of the shared News becomes true. Now Ice universe mentioned Android, Which means Wear OS. It is the official smartwatch OS offered by Google.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2021 Android OS Leak twitter

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

However, in the meantime, another report from GalaxyClub, hints that Samsung is working on two new smartwatches to launch later this year, 2021. The two watches appear like they’d be the successors of the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3; this speculation is based on the model numbers, which read SM-R86x and SM-R87x. Remember, the Galaxy Watch 3 had the model number SM-R8xx on all its variants.

The upcoming watches would come in different sizes, but the specifications are not yet leaked.

Why may Samsung use Wear OS in Galaxy Watch?

Back to our main focus – Samsung ditching its in-house Tizen OS for Google’s Android OS. It may appear like a huge upgrade as Google Android OS seem more advanced and flexible than Tizen. Well, Samsung and Google seem to be working on some serious partnership; the latest Galaxy S21 from Samsung ditched the Samsung’s SMS app for Google Messages app. More so, there have been rumors that Google is trying to get Samsung to drop Bixby and Samsung Galaxy App store. None of these things are clear at the moment; neither Samsung nor Google has made an official statement to point out the reasons for these latest developments from Samsung.

Wrap Up

Many of the mobile companies slowly moving towards Wear accessories. OnePlus already released the Fitness band and working on Wear OS Smart Watch. So, Samsung should do their side to get more users. Arguably, Tizen OS has evolved into a good wearable platform and tends to offer a better experience than Wear OS; hence, seeing Samsung switching to Wear OS appears like some upgrade. Well, the tweet didn’t say much about what we need to know. But, hopefully, in the coming weeks, we’d get to see an official report or clearer article that answers most questions regarding this move by Samsung. But, would you prefer that Samsung sticks with its Tizen OS than porting to Android?

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