Samsung Messaging App coming to Windows 10 via Microsoft Store

Samsung always tries to coverup the Android OS and Apps with its custom UI. They have to use Android because of the popularity. Or Else Samsung will definitely try their other OS. Samsung and Windows are on the same page even if Samsung uses Android. Most of the Samsung Apps are compatible with the Windows software. They always provide compatible alternative apps in Windows with the Phone App or Link to Windows. On the other hand, Samsung includes Microsoft Office Apps as Pre-Installed in Samsung Galaxy mobiles. But most of the Samsung apps will act as streams or mirrors from mobile. But now Samsung Messaging App coming to Windows 10 via Microsoft Store.
Samsung Messaging App Installation in HP envy X360

Anything that’s going to simplify how frequently we’d need to access our mobile phone while working on PC is apparently worth trying out. Google introduced “Messages for Web” to allow PC users to receive, view, and send SMS messages right on their computers. Google’s Messages for Web proved to be a handy solution for quite a long time now. Just recently, Samsung is looking to roll out a more interesting solution for sending and receiving SMS messages on Windows computers.

Samsung Messaging App for Windows 10

Well, Microsoft already has “Phone Companion,” a solution that they designed to synchronize your Android smartphone and your Windows computer. However, several complaints about the “Phone Companion” app use Bluetooth connectivity to sync your Android phone and PC.

Samsung Messaging App Installation Screenshot

In contrast, this new update from Samsung looks to be much better and reliable. The native Samsung Messaging app is about rolling out to Windows PC users. According to reports, the app would be available on Microsoft Store. Upon installation,  the app would allow Windows PC users to own a compatible Samsung smartphone – to send and receive text messages directly on their PC.

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Samsung Messaging App UI Screen

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

At the moment, there are several limitations to using this app; not so many people would be able to use the app. This is because you must provide a “code” before you can download/install the app to your PC. More so, the app is only available in select regions with the description stating its compatibility with specific Samsung smartphones, “devices capable of using mobile data (5G connectivity and 4G LTE).”


This update is only available for Samsung-branded Windows hardware such as the Galaxy Book and Galaxy Tab Pro series. It’s still at the early “testing” phase, and hopefully, in the coming months, the app would be available for more (Samsung-branded) devices.

What Should You Know?

The Samsung Messaging app will utilize LTE connectivity to send and receive messages on your Windows PC. This also implies that you must connect your mobile device and your PC to the internet. In the meantime, neither Samsung nor Microsoft has made an official statement about this new app, so we are unsure if it’d be only available on Microsoft Store or made available across other digital stores.

No one can download the app now, as it requires a “Redemption Code” before you can install it. Probably, the app is still under testing by the in-house team.

Wrap Up

Other apps allow you to send and receive texts on PC via mobile data connectivity; since Samsung hasn’t officially launched this messaging app for Windows, you can leverage the existing alternatives such as Google Messages for Web and Link Windows for reading your text messages on PC. More so, this upcoming Samsung Messaging App for Windows is alleged only to support Windows 10. But, individually, do you think that this is a good update? What would you say about the alleged limitations of this Samsung messaging app for Windows?.

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