What is 5G Technology? Is It Worth To Buy 5G Smartphones Until 2020?

Hmm… Here we are talking about the real 5G, Not 4G phones say 5Ge and say 5G Evolution. You know what I mean. Simply, If you Buy phones, Just for 5G, It is like Driving Lamborghini in 40 KM Speed road. Everybody praise you, but you only know the pain. If you say “Hey, I buy for the latest Specs,” Buy 4G Phones with latest Specs, we are not ready yet.

Smartphones with 5G: market share grows to 18 percent by 2022. The International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts have looked into the glass globe and seen a positive development there: The launch of the first 5G smartphones is planned for the second half of 2019, by 2020; the corresponding networks in many regions of the world are put into operation. By 2020, 7 percent of all smartphones sold will be 5G-enabled, and by 2022, they will account for almost one-fifth of all devices sold.Man Looking Phone

It has been almost a decade since its inception, and this network is finally becoming a reality. Operators began to implement fixed 5G systems in 2018, and this mobile network will start to appear in US cities, in 2019, with much more complete implementation by 2020.

But the truth is that, at this precise moment, there are more questions than answers about 5G smartphones. People ask themselves what it is, in particular, and if they will ever see it in their very own city. Others, on the other hand, are more fascinated and want to use stunning 5G smartphones. And of course, there is the debate about which operator will offer the best service.

If you have questions about this, we are here to help you. We tell you below everything you ever wanted to know.

What The 5g Is And How It Works

Before explaining how it works, it’s perhaps an excellent idea to indeed make clear what 5G is. There are many specific details that we will discuss later in this article, but here is a quick introduction.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

The 5G smartphone is the lovely next generation of mobile smartphone broadband, which will ultimately replace or maybe increase your very own 4G LTE connection out there. With this technology, upload and download speeds will be exponentially faster. Latency or the time it takes for devices to communicate with each other and on wireless networks will also decrease drastically.

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Now that we know what it is, we will have to understand how it works, since this is done differently than the traditional 4G LTE network, from spectrum bands to small cells.


The swift 5G runs in three unique spectrum bands. Even while this might seem to be unimportant, the truth is that it has a fantastic influence on your daily use. The low band spectrum can also be described as a sub-spectrum 1GHz. It is mainly the spectrum band used by operators in the USA, and it’s running out fast. While the low bandwidth spectrum offers a broad coverage and penetration area, there is one major drawback: maximum data speeds will reach 100Mbps.

Sprint will also use Beamforming to improve the 5G service in the middle band. Beam formation sends a single signal focused on every user of the cell and the systems that use it monitor each user to make sure they have a consistent signal.

But in reality, the high band spectrum is what most people think when you name it 5G. It is often referred to as mmWave. The upper band spectrum can offer maximum speeds of up to 10 Gbps and has very low latency. The main drawback of the high band is that it has a little coverage area and the penetration of the building is poor.

Both AT & T and Verizon are being deployed in the high band spectrum. The 5G coverage for both operators will be carried on LTE slopes while working to build networks nationwide. Since the high band spectrum moves outside the penetration and user area for the high speed and coverage area, they will depend on small cells.


Improved broadband

Undoubtedly, the transformation to 5G will change the way we interact with technology on a day-to-day basis, but it also has a serious purpose. It is an utter obligation if perhaps we need to continue employing mobile broadband out there.

Carriers are running out of LTE capacity in many critical metropolitan areas. In some cities, users are already experiencing decelerations during the peak hours of the day. The 5G adds massive amounts of range in bands, which have not been used for commercial broadband traffic.

Autonomous Vehicles

It is expected that autonomous vehicles will increase at the same rate as 5G is implemented in the US. In the future, your vehicle will communicate with other cars on the road, provide information to other cars about road conditions and provide performance information to drivers and car manufacturers. If a car brake quickly forward, yours can learn immediately and also brake to prevent a collision. Wow right?

Public Safety And Infrastructure

This smartphone network will enable cities as well as other towns to work a lot better. Utility businesses will easily track remote use, sensors can notify public works departments when the drains or street lights are turned off, and municipalities will be able to install surveillance cameras quickly and inexpensively.

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Remote Control Of The Device

Because this smartphone network has amazingly low latency, the control machinery is going to become a reality out there. While the primary objective would be to reduce risk in harmful locations, it will furthermore allow technicians with expert skills to control machinery just from anywhere in the world.

Health Care

The ultra-reliable low-latency communications component (URLLC) of 5G will fundamentally change medical care. Since ultra reliable low-latency communications component reduces the 5G latency even more than you will see with improved mobile broadband, a world of new possibilities opens up. We anticipate improvements in remote recovery, telemedicine as well as physical treatment through precision surgery in the coming years.


The most thrilling thing about 5G is that the 5G has a significant effect on the IOT. While we presently have sensors, which can communicate with each other, they tend to require a lot of resources and are rapidly depleting LTE data capacity.

You Know, the Actual Problem? But There Are No 5G Signals Yet

Oakland is one of the cities that will feel the impact of cell phone providers spending billions to expand their networks and prepare for fast 5G services aggressively. Instead of relying on the large cell towers that already hover over industrial parks and shopping malls, operators have ‘small cell’ antennas just meters away.

The size of a backpack is usually a small cell installed on a power pole or street lamp, sometimes with other devices near the ground. Small antennas for 3G Smartphones are low power types compared to cell towers as well as cover as much as 1,000 feet range instead of a few kilometers.

Carriers necessitate more of them to cover a neighborhood. To see a reasonable signal for the 5G smartphone, you have to spend some extra cash, and that can even consume much battery, which is not good for your phone.

When Will We See The 5g Network?

5G Distribution Over years

In the above chart, you can see, how the 5G distribution can happen over the years as per Ericsson prediction, the leading Network technologies.

So, when should you see this network in your neighborhood? This question is a little harder to answer than we would like. The leading US operators are working hard to create 5G networks, but their deployment throughout the country, however, will take several years.

It is also worth noting that each operator has a different launch strategy. This means that your experience with the 5G network may vary a lot, depending on the company you choose. We mention some details below.

Although, Samsung and Verizon announced that they would partner to launch a 5G phone in the first half of 2019. The operator also announced that it would begin a Moto Mod 5G for the Moto Z3 in the coming months.

The OnePlus 7 And S10 5G Edition Is The Way To Go Right Now.

If you want 5G beyond performance, you want to take a look at Exclusive 5G phones like OnePlus 7, S10 5G Edition. But S10 have other variants with Similar performance without 5G(S10, S10 Plus, S10e).

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OnePlus 7

Although there is no complete declaration on the OnePlus cards, still OnePlus established in a particular email to INQ that the great guests to their MWC booth are going to truly connect to their community via a 5G network, and also stated capacities is going to display 5G games in a OnePlus 5G great prototype indeed.

The prototype is probably an idea of what the OnePlus 5G smartphone offers; we already know the Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm processor will be released exclusively this year.

We also know that it will not come as OnePlus 7, which is expected to be launched in May as an independent phone. At the beginning of the year, OnePlus confirmed that its new smartphone would be the first in a new product line that will co-exist with the current offering of digital branded devices.

S10 5G

Samsung used the week before the Mobile World Congress 2019 to introduce its new family of Galaxy S10 phones. It brings at least four first-class terminals to market to meet the needs of all users: surprisingly, the Galaxy S10 5G is already a reality. Investing in OnePlus 7and S10 5G will be a nice one since they’re the ones to count on now.


Unlike 4G Processors, 5G modules come in Separate. So, It consumes. High battery compares with the In-Built 4G Module in processors. We are not Disappoint you, But if you are in the US, Yes you can taste the 5G at the end of 2020. But If you are in other countries…Hmm.. It may take 2022 to cover all areas with 5G. We already anticipate that the sensations are pleasant, not because of having an excellent device in your hands but because of their finishes and the essence of technologies they integrate.

With regard to all smartphones 5G fixed services, this is going to take a little more time. What do you think? In some cities around the globe, there is no Stable 2G/3G yet, True…:)

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