Sony PS5 may support only PS4 Games in Backward compatibility

Sony PS5 is receiving mixed feedback from users because of the design. But in software wise techies usages that it can run all Plyatsion games from PS1 to PS5. PS1 to PS4 games can run with the backward compatibility feature. But recent details leak mention PS5 can run only PS4 games in backward compatibility. Even if most of the popular games are already converted and remastered in PS4, some people are getting disappointed because they can’t play some classic games. The news is not official from Sony. But the leading game developer Ubisoft mentioned this detail in their official site, and later they removed.
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Sony PS5 and Backward Compatibility

Sony jumped into the gaming industry almost 26 years ago. Since then, Sony has launched games and introduced the game consoles, PlayStation, to entertain the game lovers. These days game lovers are anxiously waiting for PlayStation 5, which will be launching soon. Over a year ago, Sony confirmed that PS4 games would be playable on PS5. Later in this march, Sony shared only this information that the PS5 owner can play only 100 most-played PS4 games from their PS games library. Later, Sony added that 4000+ PS4 games would be playable on PS5, but they didn’t mention anything about the games earlier than PS4.

But now some information from Ubisoft’s website is not what users want. This information revealed that PlayStation 5 would only support the PlayStation 4 games. There will be no support for thousands of PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, or PlayStation 3 games.

Sony announced in 2019 about the PlayStation 5 as the successor to the PlayStation 4. Since then, Sony didn’t clear the fate of the games that Sony launched before 2013. The information revealed from Ubisoft’s website strengthens these rumors that PlayStation 5 will not support the PS3, PS2 or PS1 games. If users find out there is a chance for extending backward compatibility using software, they may use third-party apps, which is not best practice. So, if there is a chance, Sony should do it in their end.

Ubisoft Support FAQ Details about the Backward Compatibility

Microsoft Xbox X Series Sony PS5 Ubisoft Backward Compatibility

It all starts with Ubisoft support page details about the multi-player support and achievements. In the Microsoft Xbox X Series page, they mentioned the gamers could transfer the accomplishments from their Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox titles. But On the PlayStation support page, They said only PS4 games. Also, some insider hint about that there will be only PS4 game compatibility.

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Microsoft Xbox X Series vs. Sony PS5 Backward Compatibility

Microsoft is a tough competitor of Sony in the gaming industry. Xbox is the gaming console that Microsoft developed to play its games. There are many models of Xbox available, and now Microsoft is releasing the next generation of Xbox in the coming November. Microsoft has announced that the future generation Xbox Series X will support all previous generations’ games, right from the beginning. This announcement pushed Microsoft a level up than Sony as PS5 is also coming in this November. Microsoft Xbox X Series will be compatible with most of the old games. Also, they will be compatible with some hardware accessories. Unlike the old days, Many game developers begin to produce all platform support games. Recently Horizon Zero Dawn comes to PC.

Xbox X Series with Old consoles

There will be a tough competition between Sony and Microsoft on the release of their next-generation gaming consoles. Microsoft Xbox Series S will launch on November 5, with a $299 price tag, and the Xbox series X launch date is November 6, with $499. Whereas Sony PS5 will come on November 13, with a $399 for the digital-only variant, and a regular version with 4K UHD Blu-ray will cost $499. In this situation, when both giants are launching their gaming console simultaneously, Sony’s backward non-compatibility can cause a slight drop in PS5 sales.

Wrap Up

Compare with Xbox, Sony PlayStation always has a good stand with users with its software features. They have some excellent plans on the software side like PlayStation Plus, which will offer you two free games monthly. There is a reason for the limitation in backward compatibility. Not all games are getting PlayStation hits. When previous generation games are considered essential, they always go for the Remastered version based on user reviews and ratings. There are already most of the popular games that have Remastered version in PS4. When PS5 gets only PS4 backward compatibility, it may not affect most of the users. Also, Sony may release some popular classic games.

The problem here is users who have a bunch of old collections have to repurchase the games if there is no Backward Compatibility. When it is a software-related feature, Sony will surely try their best. What are your thoughts about Sony PS5 backward compatibility only with PS4 Games? Did you feel it is a no big deal for you? Comment below.

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