Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20 users Will get T-Mobile 5G others to get Roaming LTE Coverage

After T-Mobile and Sprint merger, T-Mobile said that they would expand the 5G and Sprint coverage. As they promised initially, they develop the Sprint LTE coverage area. So, hereafter Sprint customers can get the T-Mobile LTE coverage where Sprint network is not available. It will mention as the Roaming since it is a different network, and the merger not yet fully rolled out. Also, Sprint users who have Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phones can share T-Mobile 600mz 5G band. So, You can use 2.5 GHz 5G band where Sprint is available and 600mz 5G in other places. T-Mobile is expanding its operations as promised.
Mobile Tower with Space Visible

What is this Sprint Roaming LTE Coverage Means?

When you go outside your country or coverage area, you may get the Roaming signal. Based on the city, you may charge for your calls and data. But, This T-Mobile merge allows Sprint users to get a T-Mobile signal as per the Merge plan. So, Hereafter, Sprint users will get additional towers. Since the brand name is different, you will get the message as Roaming.

2.5Ghz band 5G in T-Mobile

T-Mobile 5G and Sprint LTE Roaming Wave

Since T-Mobile acquired Sprint, they mentioned a lot of plans. Now, in Philadelphia, T-mobile launched the 2.5Ghz band 5G tower. It means you will get the enhanced speed compare with the already existing 600mz mmWave Band. As per the user feedback, the current rate goes up to 600MBps. They are also expanding towers to Detroit, St. Louis, Columbus, and Ohio. As per their plans, They already rolled out low band 5G to worldwide. Now T-Mobile is planting Mid-Band to metro cities. Mobiles that support 2.5Ghz 5G band can use this service. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 phones, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, OnePlus 8, and 8 Pro Mobiles support this band.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Sprint Customers Will get T-Mobile 5G Full coverage

As per the merger initially, Sprint customers allowed to use T-Mobile 4G. Also, Sprint users who are using Samsung Galaxy S20 5G mobiles can use T-Mobile 5G. So, Like Roaming LTE, Sprint users can access T-Mobile Mid-band and low band 5G coverage. The mobile should not be an unlocked version. You should buy that mobile via Sprint plans.

Wrap Up

When a company acquires other companies, they always prefer the steps to convert the users. But, T-Mobile is doing a lot of things for Sprint users. Allowing Sprint users to use T-Mobile services along with Sprint usage is a significant step. Compare with other US mobile operators T-Mobile and Sprint always stand ahead. After the merge, T-Mobile got a vast customer base. If you urge users to convert to another network most of the time, all users will jump to the third service provider. It will always happen. So, To avoid those issues, T-Mobile slowly offering features and gives the feel that they are not stranded. Did you test the Roaming LTE Coverage or 5G network? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

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