T-Mobile and Sprint merge happened, Sprint 5G is Coming Soon

If you pay little attention to the mobile networks related news, you will surely come across the talk about the merge between T-Mobile and Sprint. The conversation happens nearly two years. Due to some compromise issues and share issues, they can’t make the merger happen. T-Mobile is already stand alone as the best carrier. Sprint have mixed feeling in the customers. But, everybody knows there merge will inevitably occur, but they don’t know when? Because there is no major technology step occurs in the Sprint side for some time. Finally, on April 01, 2020, Sprint merged with T-Mobile officially. John Legere is stepdown as a CEO and makes way for Mike Sievert.
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What will happen to Sprint users?

When you are a T-Mobile user, you don’t have to worry about anything. But When you are a Sprint user, there will be a lot of questions that may arise from your side. T-Mobile said that the full merge could take up to three years. It means you will not urge to change the plans and make contracts like that. Everything will happen from the backend. Even the Sprint tower symbol also will remain for quite some time. When anything needed from the user side, the team will contact and make the process smooth. There is nothing you need to do from your side. There are a complete T-Mobile and Sprint FAQ page available. But, I will mention some essential FAQs to help you with the process.

What customer care number should you call when you need assistance?

You can contact the existing support page and numbers. They will keep support from the old lines unless you have further information.

Can I migrate from Sprint to T-Mobile?

Yes, But it is not necessary until you have a reason. In upcoming months the merger will automatically happen. But, When you feel confused about the plans and coverage and want to migrate to T-Mobile, you can do that.

What Tower Signal will I get on my mobile?

When you have Sprint SIM, you will keep getting a signal from Sprint towers, and when there is no coverage, you will get the support coverage from T-Mobile towers. The merging is happening slowly. So, When everything is done, all T-Mobile and Sprint customers will go under one roof.

What about my mobile plans?

There will be no change in the plans, and your mobile will work as per your old Plans. Also, You can continue your initial mobile plans. They will announce some new plans also. When you feel it is worthy, you can change to the other plans.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

The situation about add-on advantages like Streaming services(Netflix)

When you have add-on benefits in your plan, there will be no change in those benefits. You can keep enjoying it until the plan expires.

What about the 5G network for Sprint users?

Sprint Old 5G network coverage area

If you are in already existing Sprint 5G network area, you will get the 5G as usual. When you are in other regions, T-Mobile keeps adding 5G Mid-band towers. They already started in Philly. Unless the merger happens entirely, you may not get the full coverage like T-Mobile users. But, you will get fast compare with the actual Sprint promise. Unlike other carriers 5G coverage, T-Mobile already using the different 5G technology, which can enhance the speed of 4G and can give you 5G coverage detection on your mobile. It may not look like actual 5G. But, it is better than other carriers. Neville, the president of T-mobile, confirmed the Philadelphia tower.

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Nevelle President of T-Mobile Confirmed about Sprint 5G

In my opinion, instead of providing 5G speed in the street, It is better to provide above 4G speed for a whole state.

Wrap Up

The merger can look confusing to the users. But you should know some things. The merge seems like simple, But there will be a lot of background process will happen in both Sprint and T-Mobile side. As a user, you don’t have to anything from your side. If anything needed for T-Mobile, they will ask you individually for that. Everybody using their mobile as a primary electric device. Thus, Nowadays, Investing in Mobile Carriers are happen highly. You may already know Ryan Reynolds bought a mint mobile carrier. Both the Sprint and T-mobile have their benefits. T-Mobile has an exclusive Name ID app that works better compare with other caller ID apps. What are things confusing in the merger with you? Comment below. We will try to clear out things when you can’t get the answers in the FAQs.

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