Subscriber Exclusive Reels and Posts available for Instagram Creators

Compared with Ad supported platforms, Subscription-based platforms always stay longer because of the loyal customers. The plan may not look weird regarding Stream platforms or other product delivery platforms. But, In recent days, Social media have begun to introduce Subscription plans that spotlight the paid users among free users. It is not suitable for the platform. In-Stream platforms, No one knows whether you are a free user or paid subscriber. But, In Social media, highlighting paid users affects free regular users. All users who use the platform don’t have to buy the plans when they feel there is no use. But to generate constant revenue, they are beginning to make this reality. Instagram has already introduced Paid Subscription plans for getting exclusive content from your creators. Now, Subscriber Exclusive Reels and Posts are available for Instagram Creators.
Instagram Exclusive Reels and Posts Page

Subscription plans are not new to Facebook and Instagram

In 2020, Facebook launched Subscriptions that have helped creators create sustainable businesses supported by their communities. Based on positive feedback from creators and feedback creators, we’re now ready to introduce this model of business to creators using Instagram. By using Instagram Subscribers, Instagram creators can create deeper connections with their most active followers and increase their monthly income by providing customers access to unique benefits and content benefits, all on the same platform on which they already interact.

Instagram also introduced the latest features available to paid subscribers.

Subscriber Lives: Creators can stream exclusive Lives to their subscribers, enabling them to interact with their subscribers more deeply.

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Stories: Creators can make stories exclusively for their followers, allowing them to create exclusive content and use interactive story stickers for their most active subscribers.

Badges: Creators will notice a “subscriber” badge beside messages and comments, so they can quickly find their customers.

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Subscriber Exclusive Reels and Posts

Instagram’s Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, posted an update on Twitter and announced new features available to Instagram creators who have paid Subscribers. Instagram creators can sign up for the Subscribers Program, in which they can charge users a monthly fee for the right to view exclusive content on Instagram’s application.

Instagram Exclusive Reels and Posts Official Tweet

In the video posted on the Twitter account, Mosseri states that Subscribers will be able to hold exclusive chats where they can take part and interact with other fans. The possibility of having up to 30 subscribers be part of the Subscriber chat.

We can now send posts and reels directly to subscribers. We will also brand the posts with a Subscriber badge. Additionally, creators of Subscriber-related content will now have the option of a “Subscriber home” tab on their profile pages so that their fans can view exclusive content and join as Subscribers.

Creators and users are unhappy with the latest plans

According to the comments on Twitter, most Creators have asked Instagram to build the platform and address the recommendation issue. Additionally, users aren’t keen on paid plans.

Wrap Up

Supporting and making constant revenue for creators is a good move from Instagram. Even YouTube has begun to show the join programs and allows its subscribers to provide additional income for creators. So, The new exclusive plans are not new for users. But, They should give more value to the platform. Most creators are not entirely happy with the platform and its consistency. Even though Instagram has tried its best, it can’t get directly compete against TikTok. Even YouTube comes in a popular place with its Shorts video program. So, Along with the new exclusive reels and posts for creators on Instagram, They Should improve the platform. What are your thoughts about the new subscriber Exclusive Reels plan for Instagram? Share it below.

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