What subscriptions are covered by Apple One?

When the same company has many subscriptions, all users are under the same devices category. You can give better bundle options that reduce the confusion and better management of bills. After a lot of rumors and some leaks, Apple officially launched Apple One subscription. We can guess this one package can cover most of the necessary individual subscription plans by the name. The basic plan covers necessary platforms, and the Premiere plan covers additional platforms. Google also tries to merge some platforms under Google One. But currently, the idea only sticks with cloud storage.
Apple One Subscription Platforms

Apple rolled out the service bundle Apple One for its users that combine five Apple services like Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News Plus, Apple TV Plus, new added Apple Fitness Plus, and the iCloud storage up to 2 TB at a low bundle price.

What Exactly is the Apple One Bundle subscription?

Apple has been heavily investing in its service for the last three years, and Apple users are enjoying these standalone streaming services at different prices. Apple announced this bundled service in its annual event held in October. And now, Apple launched this bundled service.

Apple One is a bundle of six Apple services under one price plan. This bundle plan allows you to get your favorite services at an incredible price to enjoy your Apple devices fully. This bundle includes the services to keep you well informed and give you ultimate entertainment along with iCloud storage to keep your files and photos safe and readily available when and where you want those.

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What subscriptions are covered by Apple One?

Apple One is offering three different plans with a combination of these services at different prices. These plans are:

Apple One Subscription plans

Individual plan

Apple One is offering this plan at $14.95 per month for one person with four services Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and up to 50 GB of iCloud storage.

Family plan

This plan costs $19.95 per month for six members with four service Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and up to 200 GB of iCloud storage.

Premier plan

This plan’s cost is $29.95 per month for six members with these six services Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple Fitness Plus, and up to 2 TB of iCloud storage.

Are Apple One Plans worth to Subscribe?

These plans contain the services that you get costly if subscribed standalone. Here are some details of these services with standalone prices.

  • Apple Music- It’s an alternative to Spotify with more than 70 million ad-free songs ready to stream or download, available standalone at $10/month for individual and $15.month for family.
  • Apple Arcade. It includes more than 130 games that you can play on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV as standalone at $5 per month.
  • Apple TV Plus- You can watch more than 30 original shows, dramas, documentaries, and talk shows at $5 per month as a standalone service. Recently Apple added Disney 4K movies.
  • Apple News Plus- Live news and thousands of articles from magazines and newspapers are available at $10 per month for standalone.
  • Apple Fitness Plus- It offers the guided workouts at $20 per month.
  • iCloud storage- Apple iCloud service provides you free storage up to 5 GB, and it costs $1/month up to 50 GB, $3/month up to 200 GB, and $10 per month for 2 TB storage. The plan is similar to Google One.
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Now you can understand the worth of these Apple One plans. For an individual plan, you can save $6 per month; for the family plan, you can save $9 per month, and for the premium plan, you can save $25 per month or $300 per year. Isn’t it a big saving deal?

How to Sign Up for Apple One subscription?

To sign up, follow these steps on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad/Mac):

Apple One Subscription in iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap your Apple ID
  • Tap on Subscription
  • Select Get Apple One
  • Now choose the plan you like for you.

If you already have subscribed to some standalone services. Apple will automatically adjust those services in your newly subscribed Apple One plan. No need to cancel those prior subscriptions.


According to Apple, this bundle plan is live from this Friday, October 30. The Apple Fitness Plus service will be launched later this year. The individual and family plans will be available in more than 100 countries. In contrast, the premium plan will only be available in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada as Apple News Plus is currently available in these countries.

Wrap Up

Even the Individual plan looks worthy to compare with the separate subscription packages. Apple One includes all those services that you really need for current affairs or your entertainment. Also, the prices are very charming if you plan for a long-term affiliation with Apple. But the Apple Arcade doesn’t provide better games like Google Stadia. When you are a frequent Apple Music user instead of Spotify, You prefer Apple Cloud Storage and didn’t use Google Drive; You didn’t use any other TV service, then the Apple One is the best deal for you. Or Else, based on your needs, you can opt-in for individual subscriptions. Do tell us your views about this new bundle plan in the comment below.

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