Soon Wear OS will support other Third-Party Smart Assistants like Bixby

Samsung planning to adapt Wear OS in the upcoming Galaxy Watch series. After joining in the new project for the SmartWatch category with Samsung, Google announced lots of new features useful for users and removed the barriers when connecting with other brand SmartWatches. Google plans to support some of Samsung’s unique features to smooth the process, including Bixby Support. The support will not be limited to Bixby; Soon, Google Wear OS will support other Third-Party Smart Assistants like Bixby. Currently, after Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby are the only near working assistants. But, In the future, we can expect unique Assistants from Huawei too.
Bixby in Google Wear OS

When Google and Samsung launched the newly revamped Wear OS 3.0 simultaneously, they did not reveal much information about how deep their partnership is. Now, they were ready for another collaboration. Wear OS will soon enable additional solution assistants like Bixby before the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series. According to a new leak, this is the first Samsung SmartWatches to run Google’s Wear OS, and they’ll support both Google Assistant and Bixby voice assistants.

Google Wear OS Third-Party Assistant Support

You only had Google Assistant as a smart assistant option on your Wear OS wearables up until now. Now it appears that Wear OS will allow third-party developers to pre-install their own smart assistants, or Samsung is getting special treatment through their cooperation to make Wear OS truly usable.

Until recently, Wear OS has only offered Google Assistant as a duty companion. We can access it by pressing and holding the “crown” button for a long time to activate the gesture. The main question among the people is whether they will include Bixby instead of Google Assistant. For this, Snoopy Technology recently mentioned that the Galaxy Watch 4 series is compatible with Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby, probably only one at a time.

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Bixby in Google Wear OS Samsung

According to the separate leak from tipster Snoopy, Google will allow different voice assistants on this version of Wear OS, which is included in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series. Also, from 9to5Google APK insight, There is a package called alternate_assistant. So, We can expect support in future Wear OS updates.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

alternate assistant in Wear OS

Expected Assistants-Bixby And Other Android-Based Assistants

There’s a chance that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will acquire even more Google Wear OS features. It comes with many new features, upgrades, and enhancements, including using third-party smart assistants like Samsung Bixby. Instead of the Material and components slowly making their way into Wear OS apps, Samsung’s own “One UI Watch” design may have the option.

There is another question like, Is it possible that other smart voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, which is now available on Fitbit, could use this way to interact with Wear OS in the future. The result from Bixby on the platform, Samsung’s forthcoming SmartWatches should stay up with previous models, including the ability to manage Samsung SmartThings devices.

The Android-based Assistants are open source so that other SmartWatches can be using them.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS

When we look into the appearance, a well-known source celebrity expert Evan Blass has shared some images of what appears to be the 42mm variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The new series of SmartWatches come in two colors, black and white, and two buttons on the right side. It has a stainless steel case, Gorilla Glass DX upfront, water-resistant to 5 ATM. MIL-STD-810G certification and GPS. SM-R8880 is the model number of the SmartWatch.

On August 11, Samsung is likely to reveal the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.  It’s nice to have the option, even if you plan to stick with Google Assistant and never use Bixby.

Wrap Up

Samsung has a huge volume of users in the Android category. Even if they are using Android, They always provide alternative solutions to users other than Google general features like Galaxy Store. After some agreements between Google and Samsung, They dropped Galaxy Store and planning to use Play Store and Google Assistant in their mobiles. Now Google will support third-party assistants in Wear OS, Which is useful for other assistants like users. Since Google’s upcoming Wear OS is a great jump from the regular updates, Only a few latest and Upcoming SmartWatch are eligible to get Wear OS 3. Did you feel the third-party assistant integration is useful for you? Share your thoughts.

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