Tim Cook expects iPhone SE2 will attract more Android users

We know in iPhone SE2 apple step down from their usual price range but not in specs. The Price/Specs ratio is reasonable. Most of the tech reviewers and users said it is a deal from Apple. Most of the Android users who thought to buy mobiles in the $399 price range will think about purchasing an iPhone. Recently Tim Cook himself said that it would potentially attract more Android users and mentioned: “iPhone SE 2 is Faster than the fastest Android phones”. The A13 Bionic processor is great when compare it with other Android processors, But Android users are not buying Android phones because it is budget-related. Flagship Android mobiles cost more than $1000. People still buy the phone. So, It is not about price. SE2 will attract some users, But Both iPhone and Android are always different.
iPhone SE2 Back Side Camera

Tim Cook mentioned iPhone SE2 is Faster than the fastest Android phones- Is it True?

Theoretically, if you consider processor only- Yes, A13 Bionic processor performs well then the latest flagship processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This processor is the current high-end variant in the Android series. So, We can match the performance between them.

Benchmark Comparision and Truth About Tim Cook iPhone SE2 and Android

In some Benchmarks, Snapdragon 865 beat the Apple processor. But, In other Benchmark, the story is different. In the end story, we can say A13 Bionic has the potential to compare it with the Android latest flagship processor. We can’t come to a conclusion based on these results because We can alter the results in most of the Benchmarks. We can’t fully trust the scores.

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iPhone SE2 vs. Other $399 Android Mobiles, Which is better for me?

When you planned to buy an iPhone, but you can’t buy it due to you feel spending $399 on mobiles are not worthy of your daily usage, you can now buy the new iPhone SE2 at this price range. But, When you are not worried about refurbished phones, you have plenty of other options. We can’t compare Android mobiles directly with iPhone because both are different. You can compare Android mobiles within the price range, but comparing different platform mobiles doesn’t make sense. When people use Android mobiles, It doesn’t mean they can’t afford iPhones. People always prefer value. Due to iMessage, most of the people who are in that environment stick with iPhones.

iPhone SE2 is faster than Android Mobiles?

Display Refresh rate Settings

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

None of the regular end-users utilize the full potential of the processor. It means A13 bionic and the mid-range Android mobiles are the same on the user’s side. Also, iPhone SE2 is the same as the iPhone 8. The only difference is the processor. But, Android comes with the latest high-refresh-rate displays, UFS 3.0 Storage and latest RAM. It all makes the speedy experience in the end-user. You will surely notice in realtime when you use the latest Android mobile and iPhone SE2. Google Pixel 4a is considered a direct competitor of iPhone SE2. Google Camera is better than most of the smartphones. So, It is purely your choice to choose the phone.

Wrap Up

As per Tim Cook’s statement, It will get the attention of the general users, which also includes Android users. It doesn’t mean it will affect Android sales and boost iPhone sales. iPhone SE2 will get its break sale due to the regular software updates and Apple trust. But, Android has its audience, and with the latest specs and technologies, It can run in its track. Products can’t get users from other products. People always choose what they need based on their daily activities. What are your thoughts regarding the statement and iPhone SE2? Did you already plan to buy iPhone SE2, or are you waiting for Pixel 4a that is going to launch on May 22? Comment below.

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