Google Pixel 4a launch date may be on May 22

All tech events canceled due to the current situation. Also, most of the mobile launch dates postponed due to production issues and delivery issues. Google is no exception in this situation. They canceled the I/O event 2020 real event and planned for an Online event. Both of them withdrew. Pixel 3a launched in the first week of May 2020. From the trusted sources, they discovered the launch date for Google Pixel 4a would be on May 22, 2020. They got details from the inside carrier information. iPhone already launched its $399 iPhone SE2. Even if other Android phones considered as rivals, Most of the people believe Pixel 4a will be an alternative Android phone or direct competitor of iPhone SE2.Google Pixel 4a With Snow Background

Who verified Google Pixel 4a launch date might be on May 22?

Caschys Blog is the one who believes the launch date will be on May 22, 2020. We believe the time. Because they are the ones, who announced the accurate price and launch date of Pixel 3a, compare with other Android mobiles, you have plenty of choices when you consider the specs alone. But, none of the mobiles can beat Google AI camera and Stock Android experience. We already saw leaked retail box images are available. Thus, the launch date can be at the end of May 2020. Google planned to announce the Pixel 4a in the I/O 2020 event. The realtime event canceled. Usually, the mobile will be available within 14 days of the announcement, So, the May 22 date makes sense.

Cashy Blog Confirmed Pixel 4a Launch Date As May 22

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Is there any chance for Postpone of the Pixel 4a launch?

No. I think there will be no change in the announcement date because the event will happen in Online, where maybe two or three members will announce Pixel 4a. Or there will be a full AD-like campaign that can occur. Because due to the current situation, most of the launched mobiles taking only online orders. There will be a delay in the delivery date. But, the chances for the announcement date postpone will not happen. iPhone already launched the mobile. OnePlus is also working on its OnePlus 8 Z/Lite version. So, Google needs to reveal its product.

Wrap Up

The announcement date discovered from the European carrier. In Europe, the launch price for a basic configuration is 399 euros. It is $60 high than the US price. Usually, most of the mobiles are costlier in Europe compare with other regions. As per the predictions, Google won’t postpone the Pixel 4a launch after May 2020. If the delay happens long, People will buy other mobiles with the same price tag with high specs like Snapdragon 765G processor and More RAM. Even if the RAM is not a factor for performance directly, It will help you to handle large applications. I hope Google will release the Pixel 4a mobile on May 22. What are your prediction and thoughts about the launch? Comment below.

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