On Cinema Day 2022 You can Watch Any Movie for $3 in the USA

Even though we have OTT platforms now, None of the OTTs can give you theatrical experiences. That’s why Theatres keep running now. The cost of movie tickets may be high compared with Streaming platforms. For Spending the money for 2-3 Hours, You can get a whole month’s subscription. But for Upcoming Cinema Day 2022, You can Watch Any Movie for $3 in the USA. Yep, You can watch any movie for $3. Still, now more than 3000 movie theatres are joined in this announcement. The count is still going. Famous Theatres like AMC and Cinemark are also on the list.
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Cinema Day 2022 and $3 Movie Ticket offer

National Cinema Day is Saturday, September 3, 2012. This holiday is new to the US, and you may not have heard of it before. Movie tickets in the US will be $3. via Associated Press.

This promotion celebrates a record-breaking summer of moviegoing and gives you a sneak peek at upcoming titles from A24 Studios, Amazon Studios, and Disney. It will be available only until September 3, 2022.

Which Movie theatres are participating?

The $3 ticket price does not include tax and applies to all formats and showtimes. Yes, 3D movies and IMAX are included. A growing number of theaters, including well-known chains such as Regal, Cinemark, and AMC, have already agreed to participate in the new holiday.

$3 Movie Ticket on Cinema Day 2022

The Cinema Foundation, an independent arm of the National Association of Theater Owners, announced on Sunday that September 3 would be a national discount day at more than 3,000 theaters across the country and on more than 30,000 screens. Tickets will not exceed $3 in participating theaters for any show, regardless of format. AMC and Regal Cinemas are among the participating chains. All major film studios are also involved.

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Official Statement

Jackie Brenneman, president of the Cinema Foundation, stated, “After this summer’s record-breaking return at cinemas, we wanted something to celebrate moviegoing.” “We are doing it by saying ‘thanks’ to moviegoers who made this summer possible and providing an additional incentive for those who haven’t yet made it back.”

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The Summer 2022 Collection is Good

This summer, many theatergoers returned the theatre thanks to Thor, Love and Thunder blockbusters and Jordan Peele’s horror film Nope. Data from Comscore shows that this summer’s box-office revenue was $3.027 Billion, an increase of 134.6 percent over last summer. The Moviepass subscription is set to return soon, which could help bring people back to theaters (potentially to the dismay and horror of theaters).

Wrap Up

Public restrictions and OTT platforms affect theatres a lot. But Recent Summer collections somewhat rescued most of the Theatres. Now with the new Cinema Day offer, You can watch any movie for $3. Even though Your favorite movies are already gone from theatres, You can still Watch the latest movies. Instead of screening boring films, Theatres also try to screen popular movies like Avengers or Spiderman Far from home. It will give a second experience to the people, and they will love that. Did you plan to enjoy Cinema Day 2022 for $3? Share your thoughts below.

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