Verizon Wireless gives Free 15 GB LTE Data Again

Due to the current situation, all of the people affected every day. We spend our time inside the house. Most of the People work from home. Thus, We rely on Internet data connection. ISPs know that. One of the leading carriers in the US, Verizon Wireless, supports its customers by a lot of plans. They waive off late fees and promise not to disconnect the lines those who are not paying the bills. Also, As a huge step last month, Verizon offered free 15 GB of LTE data to its regular customers and small business connections. Now they added 15GB of free LTE data again for May 2020.Verizon Store Louisville Kentucky From Out Side

All mobile operators the world give a lot of offers and waive off late fees and promise they will not disconnect your connection even if you are not paid your plan fee. It happens in every country. Even a mobile operator who has an average number of customers also do their part.

Details about Verizon Wireless Free 15 GB LTE Data

If you are a Verizon customer, you may already know about this 15 GB LTE data add. You can have any connection; It doesn’t matter. If you are a Verizon Regular Customer or have a small business account, you will receive the free data on 25-30 April 2020. Verizon already added the April 2020 month free 15GB Data to your account as the free support plan. They extend this offer to May 2020 month. As per the Verizon announcement, I will highlight some essential points.

  • You won’t be charged for late fees and Overage charges. There is no doubt about late fees. But, you may get confused with the Overage charges. This charge is based on April 2020 usage.
  • Verizon waived Internet and Voice charges for lifeline customers.
  • New Affordable Internet connections.
  • We are offering Free 15GB LTE Hotspot Data for All Regular customers and Small Business accounts.
  • Regular customers and Small Business Fios and DSL broadband internet plans will not have data caps.
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What is the Big deal about this free data and offers?

You may already know about the cost of the plans. You can be in any data plan. Before this offer, When you use an additional 1GB of data as an overage in your plan, you will be charged $15 by Verizon, If you are not in the unlimited plans. The single unlimited line starts with $70/month. When we are at home, we use Internet data for both work and entertainment. Using this opportunity, they may get a lot of revenue by waiving the only late fees. But, Instead of doing that, Verizon does their part.

Verizon Free 15GB of Data message

Students are learning their class lessons from home using online. So, they know the simple data connection will not suffice. So, they offered free 15 GB LTE data to all links. There is no mention of the Verizon Just Kids plan. You can check you received your data on 25-30 April 2020. You may get the message like above when they added data. Or you can check in your account.

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Wrap Up

In other countries, even if the mobile operators don’t charge for late fees, They didn’t offer much like US carriers. In other countries, Only a few operators like Canada Mint offered free data plans. Ryan Reynolds recently acquired a Mint mobile operator. When everyone in-home, Internet data connection, and Voice connection is the only way to connect with others to get entertained. Realizing the fact and helping the customers as much as possible is the best move from Verizon. You can spend millions for Ads to reach your name to the People. You can stay in their heart only if you help your customers when they need it. What are your thoughts on the free plans and offers? Comment below.

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