US Mobile Carriers begin to provide Unlimited Free Calls and SMS from the USA to Ukraine

While Ukraine suffers a lot due to the Russian Invasion, The People who are can’t help them directly; try their best from outside with what they have. Recently Elon Musk helped Ukraine get Internet access with Starlink Satellites and Route them into the Ukraine region. The Internet is the only connection that can help people share. Now, US Mobile Carriers have begun to provide Unlimited Free Calls and SMS from the USA to Ukraine. So, when you want to contact your friend’s family or provide emotional support, You can do that with the help of the US carriers initiative. Even though we have no control over the situations happening, Talking with the people will help them stay strong.
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Verizon Wireless USA

Verizon Wireless is waiving charges completely for the calls made to or to Ukraine for consumers and business customers who have postpaid and those with landlines. Outbound calls are valued at a rate of $0.00 for each minute. Text and voice roaming fees for customers from Ukraine are also suspended. Customers with international coverage plans can now call Ukraine without spending any minutes.

Verizon Ukraine Free Calls Tweet

Verizon will also eliminate the cost of text and voice roaming for customers from Ukraine. in a press release, the company says that people who have international coverage plans can make calls to Ukraine without consuming minutes from their time allocation blocks.

Verizon’s offering is extended between February 25th and March 10th.


AT&T’s postpaid and prepaid consumers and business customers of AT&T, including landline and VoIP and unlimited long-distance calls in the US into Ukraine. Texting unlimited to Ukraine is available with some AT&T plans.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

However, AT&T isn’t extending the offer to calls made from Ukraine as some others do. AT&T offers this service beginning on February 26th until March 7th.

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T-Mobile claims it is waiving long-distance charges for SMS and calls from as well as from Ukraine. In addition, the company is also removing roaming charges for subscribers of T-Mobile in Ukraine and calls for the local Ukraine numbers. This applies to T-Mobile as well as Sprint postpaid as well as prepaid business and consumer customers.

The waiver will be effective between February 24th and March 3rd.

US Cellular

It may be less; however, it is still US Cellular that provides its services to Ukraine, calling to Ukraine via within the US free. Calls outbound from Ukraine towards US Cellular customers will not include international dialing charges; however, other regular rates will likely be. These benefits are available for customers who have postpaid accounts, and Pre-paid customers with plans that allow international dialing may call 1-888-944-9400 or call *611 to get credit for their calls.

The agreement with US Cellular will run longer than other carriers in default, running from February 25th until March 31st.

Other Carriers

MVNOs based in the US, such as Google Fi and Visible, haven’t offered similar services to connect with loved family members within Ukraine at the moment of this writing; however, that could change.

Other Country Carriers

Mobile operators in other regions of the globe are offering support to people affected by the Russian invasion. Vodafone is one of the biggest carriers in Europe, and Europe is offering free roaming to all of its customers in Ukraine beginning on the Friday of this week as well “over five days,” it said on Friday.

Text messages and calls for Vodafone customers who want to stay to contact friends and family members in Ukraine are complimentary, Vodafone said. Deutsche Telekom, another sizeable European provider, offers calls and text messages to Ukraine free by Reuters. Other mobile operators in the UK, such as BT and O2, have stated that they would waive charges for texts and calls to Ukraine.

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Wrap Up

None of us expect the Ukraine situation will be going this like. As ordinary people, we can try our best to support the Ukrainian people with our words. Everything can be changed when someone says it will be expected, and we are here for them. With the help of Free calls from US carriers, We can connect with the people and better understand their situation. Because In Ukraine, some places already can’t connect with the Internet. So, With the regular calls, we can contact them quickly. US carriers try their best to help people as a bridge between them.

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