New Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans offers Loyalty-based Rewards

Verizon always releases reasonable offers at the right time. Compare with other mobile operators, Verizon is far better for what you pay for. Most of the people prefer postpaid or rental plans along with the purchased mobiles. But some people use Prepaid plans. The choice is based on users’ comforts. Compare with Postpaid customers; Prepaid users are unstable. They may leave anytime when they want. Carriers always lose more users in the Prepaid category. So, Verizon intends to stay Prepaid customers with its new Loyalty-based Rewards offers. As per the new plans, the longer you stay on the network, the more offers you will get. The plan offers start from three months stay.
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans for Loyal Customers Quote

Verizon is one of the largest and best telecommunication company in the US, with more than 151 million users. It uses both CDMA and GSM networks. Verizon’s coverage is available in more than 99% of rural and urban areas.

 The name Verizon is a combination of two words, veritas, meaning truth, and horizon. Verizon kept raising its abilities to the right horizon of success with the motto of “Better matters.” With the core purpose ‘To give people the ability to do more in this world,’ Verizon has won many prestigious awards for speed, calling, data connections, and reliability. So, Verizon always helps people in hard times. Most of the plans are sense when considering the price value.

Verizon announced the new prepaid plans for loyal customers

In this age of communication, the competition between telecommunication companies to facilitate their customers with the best service and pricing has become fierce. T-Mobile has a vast customer base after the Sprint merger. Due to the competition among the carriers, they always release new plans that are beneficial for the users. This healthy competition is good for customers, both whether quality conscious or price-conscious.

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New Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans offers Loyalty-based Rewards Official Blog Post

Satisfied customers are the real asset of any company, in addition to monetary statistics. Keeping in view the customer facilitation and their long-term ties with the company, Verizon has announced prepaid plans both for calling and data communication on 24th June 2020. With these plans, Verizon offers prepaid customers rewards, based on how much they are staying with them.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Postpaid plan customers always stick for a long time due to the mobile purchase. Some of the mobile manufacturers have to design separate mobiles for Verizon due to UW 5G. Samsung recently released the Verizon compatible version of Samsung Galaxy S20. The mobile purchase comes along with better postpaid plans. So, Postpaid plans people always stick with the carrier. So, To make stay Prepaid customers, carriers have to give a lot of offers.

Verizon New Prepaid plans, the longer you stay, the more you save

Verizon New Prepaid Plans List

This plan offers three categories as 5GB, 15GB, and UNLIMITED that come with varying discounts depending upon your stay with Verizon. All these plans have a straight discount of 5% on autopay.

What is Autopay?

Autopay requires your credit card or bank account details. Your bills are automatically paid through your credit card or your bank account on every billing cycle. This autopay saves you from any late fee penalty and frees your mind from remembering the outstanding bills. 

We have discussed these prepaid plans in detail by category below.

5GB plan

Those customers who do not need extensive data, Verizon offers a 5GB plan for them. It includes unlimited calls and texts in the US and unlimited texts to more than 200 overseas locations. It starts at $40 per month, and after three months of stay, you get a $5 discount. If you have signed for autopay, then you will get an additional $5 discount, too.

It means you will pay only $30/month after three months’ stay with $10 discounts. If you stay with Verizon for the next six months, you will get a $5 more discount. So, after the ninth month stays with Verizon, you will pay only $25 instead of $40 starter cost, which makes a 37.5% discount from the initial fee. You can have ten devices in the family account.

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15 GB plan

For customers with limited data usage, Verizon offers a 15GB plan. The starting fee is $50 with Unlimited calls in the US and Canada and unlimited free texts. With this plan, after three months stay, you will have to pay only $40 with a $5 discount and an additional $5 autopay discount. While after nine months, this plan will cost you $35 with a $5 more discount, i.e., a 30% discount on the initial fee.

Unlimited plan

The unlimited plan offers unlimited data usage, calls, and texts, with a cost of just $65/month initially. After a three-month stay, it will reduce to $55/month with discounts. After a nine-month with Verizon, it will more reduce to $50/month with an additional $5 discount, which is around 23% off the initial fee and a big deal in the long run, as compared to other companies.

Wrap up

Even if T-Mobile hits 1Gbps with its mid-band 5G and getting users’ attention, a recent T-Mobile outage enormously affects users. Grabbing postpaid customers from other operators is a little bit difficult task. But catching Prepaid customers is an easy task when you have good plans. That’s what Verizon is now doing. “With Verizon Prepaid, the longer you stay, the more you save,” is true when you compare it with other companies’ rates. AT&T costs $30 for basic and $65 for an unlimited plan with no annual contract, which might seem cheaper initially, but becomes more expensive if compared after nine months. In short, at present, Verizon is offering the best-prepaid value packages to its customers. Are you going to buy Verizon’s more competitive plan, or you’d opt for some others? Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “New Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans offers Loyalty-based Rewards

  1. I don’t see any information about the SPEED of the 5GB of data I would buy with prepaid. I am very cost-conscious but want to know the downsides of prepaid before starting up. Specifically, is my data going to be 4g? Can anyone share the downsides of prepaid vs. postpaid/contract? I have a good unlocked phone I like; I just need a phone number and the data.

    • Mobile data speed purely depends on the coverage. You will get the full rate based on availability. Probably LTE speed can vary from 10-60Mbps in rural areas. In Urban and Metro, you will get better speed. When you buy a New mobile, Or you are a permanent resident you can prefer postpaid. It has better Data Plans. But When you use fewer data per month, or you are a frequent traveler, You can buy Prepaid. You don’t have to pay for what you will not use.

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