WhatsApp Multi-Device Support up to 4 Devices Coming Soon with End-to-End Encryption

Even if WhatsApp receives lots of criticizing, It didn’t affect the user base. WhatsApp is still one of the major messaging apps among users. All over the world, Most smartphone users have WhatsApp on their mobile. They also keep release new features often. Also, They are slowly removing their restrictions to grab more users. Until now, you can’t use your WhatsApp account on more than one device. You can either connect it with the Web version. But You should connect your primary device to the internet. But, Now WhatsApp is working on Multi-Device Support up to 4 Devices with End-to-End Encryption. Yes, all of the devices Messages are secured with End-to-End Encryption.
WhatsApp Multi Device Support Desktop

Official Statement of Mark Zuckerberg about WhatsApp Multi-Device Support

The new update on the WhatsApp feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the WABetaInfo, and Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp, about the user-friendly messaging application WhatsApp. They confirmed three major updates on WhatsApp. First, this feature is under process for the longest time, which is WhatsApp can support multi-device.

Already messaging apps like Signal and Telegram support multi-device connections, now WhatsApp could make more competitive with that app. Mark Zuckerberg also said that “it is not a very big technical challenge to get all your messages and content to sync properly across devices even when your phone battery dies, but we’ve solved this, and we’re looking forward to getting it out; soon.

Further, we can discuss more features and availability of this new update.

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WhatsApp Multi-Device Support up to 4 Devices with End-to-End Encryption is Coming to WhatsApp

This new update is used to connect up to four devices including, Windows mobiles, Android mobiles, Windows laptops, iPads,  and Windows PC, to the same WhatsApp account, and it won’t give up the platform’s End-to-End encryption. Users can even send a message if their Primary account does not have an internet connection. In addition, the work is under process to introduce a dedicated WhatsApp app for the iPads and planning to sign-ups for more iOS users soon, said Cathcart.

Another future update is that “view once” if the user sends a video or images that will disappear automatically by the recipient side. There is an extension of this future update; the disappearing messages feature allows users to turn on messages that will disappear across all threads.

Difference Between WhatsApp Web vs. Standalone App

Without using the mobile, We can use it in two ways: WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. However, considering the current situation, both WhatsApp Web and Standalone App need to have internet access on the primary device that means your mobile data must be in ON and WhatsApp need to install. Both are used on PC or laptop.

WhatsApp Web

Create Facebook Messenger Rooms from WhatsApp Web Option

  • WhatsApp Web is a browser-based version of WhatsApp
  • To use WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web, you need to visit the WhatsApp Web portal on your browser and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your mobile.
  • To access the WhatsApp web on your computer or PC, you must have a web browser and an active internet connection.

Standalone App

WhatsApp Desktop App

  • Standalone app accessed by installing on your Windows or Mac
  • To use WhatsApp on the WhatsApp desktop, you need to download the app’s setup file on your computer, and it will redirect you to the installation; next, you need to link your WhatsApp account to the Desktop by scanning a QR code using your mobile WhatsApp.
  • To access the WhatsApp Desktop, you need only a computer running Windows 8 or macOS10.10 to install the app.
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If you rarely use WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop, you can go with the WhatsApp Web or continuously keep in touch with WhatsApp. You can go with a more convenient Application; the reason is you can open it quickly rather you go with the website every time.


There is no official announcement about the introduction date of this new update, but we can expect it next month or in two months.

Wrap Up

When you have a successful platform, You should provide more features to users to explore the limits. When you limit from your side and bound it to few platforms, Your invention may get degraded. WhatsApp web is useful. But it is limited, and we should connect your primary device with the secondary connection.

With the Multiple device support coming to WhatsApp, We can use additional devices without any approval from other devices. It will be useful for social group calls. Even if most people use Google Meet and Zoom for group video calls, Regular users still use Popular messaging apps like WhatsApp for Family Meetings. Also, the support comes with End-to-End Encryption. What are your thoughts about the new WhatsApp Multi-Device Support feature? Share your thoughts below.

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