Insta360 X3 Waterproof officially launched for $449

Vlogs have become new entertainment on most video platforms. When you have a mobile camera, you can take decent Vlog videos. But when you are a professional and have huge followers. You may need additional unique devices to improve your followers’ experience. In those cases, You have to buy high-end devices or specific devices designed for Vlogging. Insta360 is famous among Vloggers for its distinctive designs in features. Every year, They keep releasing successor versions. Now, Insta360 X3 Waterproof is officially launched for $449.
Insta360 X3 Design

Insta360 X3

Insta360’s X3 waterproof panoramic camera was officially launched on September 8. This is the next evolution of the ONE series. The ONE was followed by the ONE X and then the ONE X2. Insta 360 has introduced the X3, a step from the “ONE.” The specs are impressive, and the new camera offers valuable features that appeal to action/adventure photographers and social media creators. It is priced at $449.


Insta360 X3 has a 1/2” 48-megapixel sensor front and back. This allows for more detailed and vivid 5.7K panoramic videos with less noise at night. It can also take 72-megapixel panoramic photos and support 360-degree motion HDR videos.

Insta360 X3 Specifications Sheet

Highlights and Features

Insta360 X3 Front Back and Side Images

The X3 can shoot obvious wide-angle video at a maximum speed of 4K 30fps and capture wide-angle pictures of 2.7K 170deg with extensive gear. The 4K single lens mode lets the X3 record sports highlights from a first-person perspective, much like a regular motion camera.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

The X3 has a 2.29″ super large toughened glass touchscreen. This screen can play back photos and videos without the need to connect to a phone. It also dramatically improves the user experience. You can also use simple buttons to give vibration feedback.

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360deg motion HDR is also available on the X3. This HDR feature allows for panoramic video shooting. HDR is not recommended for fast-moving scenes as the highlights will shake. 360deg motion HDR, on the other hand, can retain more details in shadows and highlights and provide a super long-lasting effect for the image. You can use it to capture daily life.

Prices and availability

Insta360 X3 Price Range

The Starting price for Insta360 X3 is $449 in the US region. The price may change between $30-50 based on the region. The cost may go high based on the add-ons and additional care policies. Insta360 X3 is available worldwide.

  • Standalone- $449.99
  • Get-Set Kit- $486.99
  • Motorcycle Kit- $531.99
  • Snow Kit- $531.99
  • Bike Kit- $521.99
  • Ultimate Kit- $591.99
  • Insta360 Care- $45
  • Insta360 Extended Warranty- $45
  • PayPal Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $112.50.

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Wrap Up

Spending $449 for a casual Vlog is not suitable for regular people. But people like Vloggers, especially those related to Adventurous videos, need additional customizations to capture the moment without missing. In those situations, Insta360 X3 will help capture beautiful moments. Did you plan to buy unique Vlog cameras? Did Insta360 X3 meet your expectations? Share your thoughts below.

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