Razer Edge Android Cloud Gaming Device launched for $399

Regarding game-related devices and accessories, Razer always comes to every gamer’s mind. Not only in PC components, Razer already enters the mobile market. Unlike other popular companies that are not succeeding as they do with other devices, Razer’s sales are impressive. Razer often releases accessories and primary devices. Since Cloud Gaming has become one of the high-demand platforms nowadays, Razer Edge Android Cloud Gaming Device launched for $399. Initially, they released only the WiFi model; In early 2023, we can expect the UW 5G model.
Razer Edge With Handheld Accessories

Razer Edge Android Cloud Gaming Device launched for $399

In January 2023, the Edge will launch a WiFi-only model for $399.99. A 5G-ready version will be available through Verizon in early 2023. It will support the carrier’s sub-6GHz and ultra-wideband networks. The device follows the Steam Deck reservation model. People can pay $5 to reserve an Edge.


Controls Razer Edge

Razer Edge will come with 8GB of memory, 128GB storage, 2-way speakers, two digital microphones, and a 5,000mAh lithium battery. It is 263.8g, or 400.8g, when combined with a controller. It measures 259.7×84.5×10.83 mm. The 5G variant will also have sub-6 and 5G support for streaming games outside your home or your network.

These specs are good but not groundbreaking for a mobile device. The 6.8-inch ROG Phone 6 Pro, with its 12-18GB RAM and 700Hz touch sampling, would be the winner. But, When your focus is purely Cloud Gaming, the Razer Edge is half the price and has enough gaming-centric interface. Razer’s device, at least the WiFi version, is cheaper and more specialized.

Xbox and PC Support Razer Edge

The Edge features a front-facing camera that allows you to switch between different apps like Zoom or Twitch. Razer said that a 5,000mAh battery would power the Edge. This will last quite a while if it’s used for cloud gaming streaming.

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Pricing and Availability

The 5G model will be sold directly through Verizon. You can reserve (opens in new window) the Razer Edge right now if you are in the United States. The Razer Edge is expected to be available in January 2023 with a price tag of $400. We don’t know what it will cost.

Pre-Order Razer Edge

Wrap Up

Cloud gaming is a Future. But the recent Stadia shutdown has some fear among the gaming developers. But Leading companies like Nvidia GeForce Now and Amazon Luna are still going forward in this process. Since Cloud Gaming is high Internet-consuming, WiFi and 5G models make sense here. Unlike other companies, Razer releases successor phones yearly and provides better after-sales support like OTA. What are your thoughts about Razer Edge? Did you find it helpful for you? Share your thoughts below.

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