Apple VR/AR Headset will cost around $1000, 50-60% lower than expected

Apple always takes a long time for their products than usual. When other companies begin to produce second or third-gen devices, Apple always carefully works on every component to make the product stand for years. If you notice, AR technologies slowly surpass VR. Apple still not release any VR headsets officially. In 2020, rumors suggested Apple is working on dual compatible VR/AR headset. Later there are some official reports also leaked. But the price is huge as per the leaks, and the cost is around $2000-3000. But after some prototypes and the production cost calculation, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the Apple VR/AR Headset will cost around $1000. The cost is near iPhone rates. Also, It is 50-60% lower than expected.
VR Headset game Play

Apple VR/AR Headset

Apple is working on both a super expensive, barely a consumer product VR Headset and a more reasonably priced mass-market pair of AR glasses. According to Mark Gurman, the focus for VR will be on gaming, entertainment, and communication. But given apple’s history with hardcore gaming and the complexities of technologies involved.

Apple VR and AR Headset are fascinating for several reasons; they normally tend to be in front of everyone, that they tend to take the leap that other companies don’t. Now Apple gets into VR and AR. Some of the exciting rumors and leaks came out. Apple has been working on a yard VR headset for the past 10 years; they have had divisions in their company secretly working on these things in the background.

Virtual reality is a set of displays that have a cover on the other side of it. So you put the headset on, and you don’t see anything else; you see whatever the display is projecting to you. That’s often the three-dimensional augmented reality that refers to overlaying what you see in the real world with digital components.

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About Design and Specs

Apple VR AR Headset Render

Apple stepping in with a pair of AR/VR Headsets, which they plan to launch apparently, according to the mac rumors website, in 2021. Apple is working with Fosscon actually to develop semi-transparent lenses. It’s hinted now that it’s very unsure if they’re actually working on two headsets: an AR and VR Headset. And this AR/VR headset comes up with an 8K resolution display.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Rumors reveal VR/AR Headset is a very sleek design and very similar to Apple’s new headphones. It has a dozen of cameras for eye-tracking. The tracking is going to be used by the M1 Chipsets. Leaks revealed some pictures; an artist created those pictures in contact with the person who, of course, provided rumors and insider in the app also tried to recreate a little idea of what they saw in the prototype.

Tim Cook thoughts about AR

“I’m excited about AR. My view is it’s the next big thing, and it will pervade our entire lives. I think it’s something that doesn’t isolate people. We can use it to enhance our discussion, not substitute it for Human connection, which I’ve always deeply worried about in some of the other technologies.” – Tim Cook (Chief executive officer of Apple).

Apple VR/AR Headset Expected Cost vs. Current Cost

Compare with VR; AR is useful in real-time usage. Google released 3D AR Animals in Google Search. Initially, we thought Apple’s VR/AR Headset is more expensive than Oculus’s, Sony’s, and HTC’s offering. Most of the Mac rumors website reveals it will cost up to $3000. We may ask why rumors say it is so expensive than other devices, but the main reason for that its features and performance. More than anything, Apple adding a high-performance chipset to this device to give a realistic experience via this VR/AR Headset.

But in recent Rumors and Leaks reveals, the Apple VR/AR Headset cost will be much cheaper than expected. The TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will release the VR/AR Headsets before 2023, and it will cost around $1000. Ming-Chi Kuo always provide a piece of solid news about and Apple’s new products most of his predictions were correct, so it makes him a reliable source of apple products.

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Apple VR/AR Headset will be available on markets in 2023, and their AR Glasses will be expected to launch before 2022.

Wrap Up

Nowadays, Apple is considering the user expected price. We know that iPhone SE 2 is budget-friendly in terms of regular Apple price. Compare the iPhone with Android; You can get better choices. But here we are considering within iPhone variants price. If the Apple VR AR Headset’s final product price is around $1000 as per the Analyst prediction, It can get more users than expected. Unlike mobile variants, There may be no chance the VR/AR headset will have different choices. Maybe the next-gen devices may come with advanced features. What are your thoughts about the early price and current price prediction of the Apple VR AR Headset? Did the cost change considering it to buy, or it doesn’t affect your decision? Share your thoughts.

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