AT&T begins to rollout 5G Plus in the US Airports

Even if AT&T changed their 4G into the 5Ge logo, they roll out the real 5G after few months. They also cover all US states with low band 5G. Now AT&T planned to roll out the 5G plus service to US Airports starting from Tampa International Airport.  Network traffic can happen in crowded places. Providing a better 5G connection in those areas is the best move from AT&T. You don’t need any special packages to accuse this network. You can use the fast Network with the same old 5G plans. When you have mmWave compatible phones, You can get even faster speeds in 5G.
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AT&T 5G Plus in the US Airports

The current conditions affected every field of life, and so is the network provider industry. These situations couldn’t stop the network providers, but yes, it made them a bit slower. You know better the need for a faster and reliable network has never been as in the current scenario. That is why AT&T rolling out its 5G services on delay. Interestingly this time, AT&T targeted domestic and international airports instead of residential or commercial venues. And Tampa International Airport in Florida is the first that AT&T selected to equip with its superfast 5G Plus network.

Why AT&T Selected the Tampa International Airport First?

AT&T 5G Plus available in the US Airports

The Airline business has also been affected by the current health situation, but you know the airport is the place that can never be shut down. Many people have to fly for necessary tasks both from the private sector and the government sector. That is one of the reasons for AT&T to select airports for the first 5G network installations. But the selection of Tampa International Airport as the first stop is not random, as AT&T is observing a heavy passenger load for the upcoming football matches of Super Bowl LV in February.

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What may be the main use Of 5G Installation at Airports?

You must be thinking on the same path. Surprisingly, but yes, the main reason for providing the 5G network on these airports is entertainment. While waiting for the flight in the lounge, passenger can watch their favorite shows or movies. Some may video chat with their loved ones before leaving, or some may download the full seasons of their favorite shows to watch during the flight inside the plane. Yes, few work in between the flights, like answering the Emails, joining conference video calls.

Will 5G Plus available at every corner of the Airport?

The 5G Plus is based on a mmWave spectrum that is super fast but cannot travel long. Also, it cannot penetrate walls and buildings. Because of these limitations, passengers will have the 5G coverage at entry gates and in the waiting lounge only facing the 5G tower.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Who will be Eligible to Enjoy The 5G Network on these Airports?

Obviously, the first pre-requisite for enjoying the 5G Plus network is the availability of 5G enabled mobile phone. Moreover, it would be best if you had the qualifying AT&T plan to enjoy the superfast 5G Network inside the airports. You can enjoy the Ultra-Fast 5G internet at no cost if you have AT&T Postpaid Unlimited plans; the same goes if you have Unlimited Business plans. HBO Max is additional if you have an Unlimited Elite plan, download your favorite movies, and watch during the flight.

Future Plans

Tampa International Airport is the first step, and AT&T has a plan to widen this coverage to all airports, both international and domestic. Installation of 5G is a time taking process involving a lot of investment too. But soon, you will enjoy the AT&T superfast 5G in your airport.

Wrap Up

People begin to Travel across countries after the restrictions. You must admit that the network service providers who kept you connected with your loved ones in the current situations despite all restrictions. Also, they continue the up-gradation of their system to provide you better, faster, and reliable network. The installation of the 5G network at airports is a part of that upgrade.

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When the airline industry is suffering, there is no use of this 5G installation other than entertainment or video calls. But when things come to normal and airports will fill with passengers, you will know the exact potential of this 5G installation on airports. Tampa airport is the beginning to provide better 5G satisfaction. Do tell us in the comments below if you experienced the superfast 5G at Tampa international airport.

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