Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch will release in Six Variants from EUR 300

Even if there are plenty of manufacturers available in Android Mobiles, only a few stand in the industry and gain user trust; like that, plenty of Smart Watch providers are available in Wear OS-based mobile manufacturing. But only a few companies like Fossil have a user base, and they follow up the successor models of their devices. Fossil releases Smart Watch every year. Sometimes they also release Special Editions between their regular schedule. After the successor of FOssil 5th Gen, Now they are releasing Fossil Gen 6 with new specs and processors. It will come in six styles, and the price will fall between EUR 300-330. In other regions, the price may be low.
Fossil 6 Prototype

Fossil Gen 6 Specifications

When it comes to wearables, the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is the trending one. In that way, there is a new wearable that is going to be released. Images and renders of the upcoming Fossil smartwatch have been revealed in a new leak. The new Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch could compete with Samsung’s compared to the recently released Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


Fossil Gen 6 Renders

The upcoming Fossil Gen 6 will be available in two sizes: 42mm and 44mm, and the display will be brighter than Fossil Gen 5 screens and will have an Always-On feature (includes 64K colors (increased from 16 in previous AON versions). The women’s version features one silicone strap and two metal band options, whilst the men’s version has one silicone strap and two metal band options.  However, all of them will have the same 1.28” OLED display with a resolution of 416 × 416 pixels. Nowadays, the majority of cases will be water-resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATMs). This is also similar to that.

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They are providing three different variety of straps that includes metal, leather, and fabric and also it having a variety of styles that can suit both Male and Female. One with a leather-wrapped silicone strap, one with a silicone strap, and one with a metal band are shown in the Men’s edition.

Technical Specs

The rumored Fossil Gen 6 will include 1 GB of RAM, 8GB Built-in Storage, and quick charging capabilities. The battery life of these watches is a 24-hour will, with rapid charging support (from 0 to 80 percent in 30 minutes), making daily charges less irritating. If you use these wearables in extreme energy-saving mode, the battery level will be able to last a couple more days with limited functionality. The Snapdragon 4100 chipset is expected to power the next Fossil watch, which will run the latest version of Wear OS. According to official numbers, this is a relatively new 12 nm chipset that is 85 percent quicker than the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Highlight Features

The new Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches having several sensors as follows:

  • SpO2 monitor
  • Sleep tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Activity sensor.

They will include the normal step counter, heart rate monitor with SpO2 measurement (blood oxygen saturation), and GPS for reliable tracking of outdoor exercises in the sensors and health metrics. It also has 4G LTE (Cat. 4) compatibility and an upgraded AON co-processor for longer battery life. It also has the Bluetooth 5.0 option.


According to the WinFuture rumor, the new Fossil Gen 6 watch will go on sale in Germany on September 27, implying that it could be released anytime next month.

Colors and Variants

Fossil Gen 6 All Varinats and Styles

The  Fossil Gen 6 will launch in multiple colors with two categories- Men and Women. Colors include Black, Silver, Violet, Gold, and Brown. Styles come with Regular Leather, Rubbered Plastic, and Medal.


The Prices are expected to start at €299, with a €329 variant available as well. It wasn’t specified which model would cost whatever amount. The two women’s variants with gem-encrusted accents are likely to be more pricey. Because the internal hardware is identical, in other regions, the price may be low because most of the cost of the electronic device is always high in UK regions.

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Wrap Up

Since Samsung will use Wear OS in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4, Fossil will face heavy competition this year. Fossil has its own user base, Who always prefer its hardware and perfect Wear OS optimizations. But they have a unique approach to its SmartWatch that feels like regular high-quality strap watches. Also, Along with the SmartWatch features, They always use premium accessories like high-quality details in the strap. So, Fossil will always make a good sell. Since Fossil Gen 6 comes with new features and variants, We can expect better sales than last year. Did you feel the same way, or Samsung Galaxy Watch will be heavy competition for Fossil? Share your thoughts below.

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