Fossil Gen 5 4G LTE watch available via Verizon Wireless for $349

While we are moving new technologies in the mobile sector, We may not focus on the other accessories technologies. We got 5G in the latest mobiles. But most of the SmartWatch is still rely on mobile data or 3G. It is reasonable because the SmartWatch doesn’t have to work as a standalone device. But We have to move away from our mobile in some situations that need separate data services for our SmartWatch. 3G is enough for data transmission. But it does not speed enough, and the carrier begins to drop 3G service. After Mobvoi announced their 4G SmartWatch, Now Fossil Gen 5 4G LTE watch available via Verizon Wireless for $349. It is the first LTE supportive SmartWatch from Fossil.
Fossil Gen 5 the First 4G LTE watch Verizon Wireless

You can find various Smartwatches available in the market, but you won’t find many in the market if you go for an LTE watch. The reason is apparent; most people do have their Smartphones nearby, although wearing a Smartwatch. Fossil announced it’s first LTE-enabled Smartwatch Fossil Gen 5 LTE earlier at CES 2021, and now it is available for sale at, but it supports only Verizon Wireless in the USA.

Features of Fossil Gen 5 LTE  Smartwatch

Every Smartwatch needs a connected Smartphone nearby to make or take calls. But Fossil Gen 5 LTE Smartwatch doesn’t need any phone to make or take calls and enables you to do all your Smartphone jobs while you on the go without any Smartphone. Let’s take a sharp look at its features.

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Wrist Smartphone

Fossil Gen 5 LTE makes you free to keep a Smartphone with you all the time; instead, it can do almost every task that requires a Smartphone, right from your wrist. You can make and take calls without tethering any Smartphone with the built-in speaker and Mic.  And you can get a notification or reply to the text with a tap. Also, you can control your favorite tunes using the 8GB storage.

Multi-Day Battery Modes

Fossil Gen 5 4G LTE Battery Modes

You can charge Fossil Gen 5 LTE 400mAh battery in an hour, and it stays with you for multiple days with Smart Battery Modes such as

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • Daily Mode. Use Multi features in the daytime and charge nightly.
  • Extended Mode. Use the essential features and charge after three days.
  • Time Only Mode. Use it as a simple clock and charge after weeks.
  • Custom Mode. You can customize the system settings and pick the features that you need.

Always-On Dial

Just like a simple watch, you get the watch dial always on, and you can download it from thousands of available watch faces to suit your mood and personality.

Workout Assistant

Using it as an assistant, you can keep track of all your activities like heart rate, jog time tracking, swimming time while watch on your wrist, and it is also compatible with Google Fit to maintain your good health.

Control Your Car

Using the Toyota Remote Connect, you can start your car engine or turn it off with this Smartwatch. You can get more features when you enable Android Auto in your vehicle.

Variety of Your Favorite App

It is not less than your Smartphone, and it can pick any of your favorite apps like Nike Run Club, Hand-wash Timer, Spotify, Noonlight, or Cardiogram for your best health.


Fossil Gen 5 4G LTE Colors

It is available in only two colors, black and pink, but you can buy the straps in 12 different styles to suit your mood, ranging from $29 to $49.

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Specs of Fossil Gen 5 LTE Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 4G LTE Side View

  • Operating system: Wear OS by Google
  • Supporting Carrier: Verizon only
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage
  • Display:28-inch AMOLED touch screen with 416 x 416 resolution and 328 PPI
  • Input: Touchscreen, voices, two push-button, and one rotating Home Button
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, Cellular, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi
  • Battery: 400mAh with magnetic charging, full charge in one hour
  • Water-resistant: having 3 ATM certification for dust and water resistance

Price & Availability

Fossil Gen 5 LTE is available at $349 from You can also get it from Verizon for $349 front or $14.54 per month for 24 months easy installments plan.

Wrap Up

There were rumors that Fossil is launching a new Smartwatch from Gen 6 line up. At CES 2021, it cleared that it not from the new lineup but its Fossil Gen 5 with LTE capabilities. It has all the same features as Gen 5, just adding the LTE capability. Mobile carriers begin to drop the 2G and 3G connections. So, For this LTE addition, you have to pay $54 more as Gen 5 is available for $295. Also, you have to face the Verizon restriction if you plan to buy this no-phone needed Smartwatch. Again, no color variation is available, just black and pink. And most of all, this fabulous watch works with Android only, so if you are an Apple lover, you can only enjoy the specs by reading here. Do tell us in the comments about the experience of making and taking calls without any Smartphone.

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