You can get a Free Full 2021 Year MLB Subscription with T-Mobile Tuesdays

Compare with other mobile operators in the US, T-Mobiel knows what reality is and how to make users stay with them. When every carrier planning to implement high speed 5G, T-Mobile launched Nationwide low band 5G. Later other carriers follow the same pattern. Instead of spending millions on Advertisements, T-Mobile has exclusive T-Mobile Tuesdays. A scheme that offers free plans, subscriptions to users. Last year T-Mobile announced a free MLB subscription. This year also, they announced the same. So, When you are a T-Mobile customer, You can get a Free Full 2021 Year MLB Subscription with T-Mobile Tuesdays.
MLB Game in Ground with Audience

It’s exciting news to T-Mobile subscribers and a great one for baseball fans – free streaming is coming to T-Mobile, and you love to see it. The launch is scheduled for March 30, 2021. You can now sit at home and follow up on all the matches as they are being played without additional fees. The latest announcement T-Mobile hints that it has gone into a contract with Major League Baseball (MLB) to offer its subscribers (T-Mobile subscribers) free MLB.TV subscriptions through 2023. This is going to be the best thing to happen to T-Mobile subscribers through 2023.

Already, some Reddit users have expressed their joy towards this latest update from T-Mobile. A comment from CalmerThanYouAre9 read, “Just got the email too. Pretty much the only reason I still have T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile Tuesdays

Well, if you aren’t a T-Mobile subscriber, you probably won’t understand what the T-Mobile Tuesday “craze” is all about.

Actually, T-Mobile Tuesdays is an open-to-all-t-mobile-subscribers program that provides T-Mobile customers with a load of free stuff, unimaginable deals, and exclusive offers every Tuesday. Yeah, just as the name says, the program only runs on Tuesdays, every week.

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More interestingly, some lucky T-Mobile subscribers who participated in the program win gift cards, vacation tickets, smartphones, and more. There’s even a dedicated app for this program.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

T-Mobile Free MLB.TV Streaming 2021 Subscription

2021 Year MLB Subscription with T-Mobile Tuesdays

MLB is the best way to stream and never miss a moment with your favorite Baseball team or the game in general. However, basically, you need a subscription to stream MLB on supported devices/platforms.

The MLB.TV offers to deliver both homes and away broadcast feeds and lives and on-demand access to follow baseball games in HD.

T-Mobile has reached an agreement with MLB to offer its customers free MLB streaming. Although the news report didn’t specify if T-Mobile customers would enjoy MLB’s All Team subscription or they’d have to identify a single team to follow up. Hopefully, the offer would be the same as what we saw in the just previous year, 2020.

For Sprint Customers

There are also hints that free MLB.TV streaming would reach Sprint customers – Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, and thus, we’re expecting that the free streaming would get to their customers, too.

Availability and Pricing

  • Mobile MLB.TV offers typically cover all the MLB App (a $19.99 standalone value), including enhanced pitch-by-pitch tracking, in-market audio, etc. Eligible T-Mobile customers can apply for the MLB.TV offer starting March 30, 2021.

Wrap Up

Already with the better 5G coverage, T-Mobile got a high customer base. It seems T-Mobile is all out to shower its customers with “good stuff” all the time. Its T-Mobile Tuesday program is inspiring, and now they are adding free MLB.TV streaming. Apparently, this move would win them new subscribers, especially Baseball fans. Regardless, the offer is scheduled to launch on March 30 – until then, we can’t actually tell what to expect and what to expect in terms of the MLB.TV features. But, as a T-Mobile subscriber, does this seem a big “stuff” to you?.

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