Sprint Customers now can access T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions

After the merger with Sprint, T-Mobile doesn’t uniquely treat Sprint customers or give its T-Mobile privilege access to them. Finally, that flaw ends. Hereafter, Sprint Customers can access T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions. Instead of getting the right name, T-Mobile got some negative feedback from the Sprint side. Some o the Sprint employees are lay-off during this time.T-Mobile voice and data become outage on June 15, 2020. Regular T-Mobile users can tolerate this outage because they may have a long history between them. But for Sprint customers, it will give uncomfortable experience after the merger. So, To resolve some of the issues, T-Mobile has to provide special offers to Sprint users. As a start point, Tuesday Promotions are great to move.T-Mobile tuesdays App Redemption Demo

T-Mobile International is one of the largest mobile phone service providers in Europe, the UK, and the USA. T-Mobiles Int. Operates in 10 major countries of Europe and wins the second-largest multinational company’s status after Vodafone in the UK. The quality services offered by T-Mobile expands its 5G up to 50 states in the USA with a task force of more than 52000 employees. This german-based international company proved its quality service by winning more than 86 million subscribers, in a short time. With GCI Alaska collaboration, T-Mobile is providing its 5G service in 50 states of the USA. That’s not it; this customer-oriented company has much more to offer to its customers. On top of which are the Tuesday promotions.

Sprint Customers can access T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions

Sprint Customers can access T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions Official tweet

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On June 18, 2020, T-Mobile officially announced that Sprint customers could access the T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions and Freebies. They mentioned the news in their official T-Mobile Newsroom twitter account and released an article in their blog. As per the report, Sprint users can access T-Mobile Tuesday features from June 23, 2020.

What is T-Mobile Tuesday Promotion?

T-Mobile Tuesday promotions are a promotion plan that was started by T-Mobile International on June 6, 2016. The motto of this promotional plan was to make customers “Get Thanked” by their carrier company, every Tuesday.

T-Mobiles Tuesday promotion consists of two parts. One is giving away freebies while the other is “Stock UP.” T-Mobiles offer one share to every customer who refers a new client to T-Mobile. Each customer can win up to 100 shares merely by referring to new clients. Additionally, five-year-old customers get two shares for each referral.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

What are the freebies or promotions offered on Tuesday’s promotion for Sprint users?

T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions Freebies

Sprint users can access the same promotions as T-Mobile users. Freebies include anything that you get free of cost or charge. Getting anything for free is always amazing. And with T-Mobile Tuesday promotions, it can be anything; a toothpaste, a free car wash, domino’s pizza, Vudu movies, wend’s frosty, tickets discounts, free burgers from the subway, movie tickets and much more.

T-Mobile makes sure to bring up new innovative ideas for the promotional freebies to keep the customers on the hook; last week’s promotion was free inflight Wi-Fi for an hour.

How can Sprint Customers access T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions?

Do you feel excited already? Well, participating in the T-Mobile Tuesday promotions is very easy, and you can get enrolled right away. Follow the below steps.

  • Tap to play and enter your mobile number when prompted.
  • Upon receiving a pin code via text message, just punch it in, and you are a part of the promotion.
  • After the setup, Open the app, and you can see a bunch of available offers. Select redeem, and you can get the discount or free offer as per the instructions.
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T-Mobile Tuesday Promotions Redeem App Screenshots

  • In the above example, I used Booking.com, where I can get a 40% discount on hotel bookings. You have to use the Booking.com within the app.

It is a piece of Big news for Sprint users

T-Mobile paid $26 billion to merge with Sprint on April 29, 2018. On February 11, 2020, the deal got approved by the court after a dispute and matters finalized on April 1, 2020. After the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Everything happens in the background. Like Upgrading Networks. Utilizing Sprint Mid-band towers. T-Mobile achieved 1Gbps 5G speed using the mid-band.

The big news for Sprint customers is that they can enjoy the promotional offers (Tuesday promotions) by T-Mobile too. This offer begins on June 23, 2020. Don’t lurk in doubt; T-Mobile has officially confirmed the news.

So, all sprint users rush to the play store, download the T-Mobile app, and get registered right away to enjoy the fantastic promotional offers by T-Mobile.

Like other T-Mobile users, Sprint users can now also enjoy a free pizza, free movie tickets, free car wash, free subways burgers, and a lot more from various branded outlets for free or on significant discounts.

Also, you can get three-month Postmates’ free deliveries, a free six-months Telemedicine membership, and significant discounts on Shell stations. 

T-Mobiles plans on Sprint

T-Mobiles Int. announced to strengthen the Sprint service in the upcoming Summers and launch it as a combined force under the sole name of T-Mobile international. The Sprint and T-Mobile merger, which started on April 1, is expected to experience a massive boost by June 23 with the first-time participation of Sprint Users in the T-Mobile Tuesday promotions. In future Sprint, users can access all of the exclusive offers and networks.

Wrap up

T-Mobile has to focus more on the network side. Recent Major US carrier outage is happened because of T-Mobile. FCC chief mentioned it as an “Unacceptable.” T-Mobile is a Big network, and they achieve a lot of things that other carriers can’t do, or they are in delay. They should not disappoint Sprint customers after the merger. So to maintain the lovable relationship T-Mobile starting the handshake with its Tuesday Promotions. The world’s leading communication company, T-Mobiles international, has announced to facilitate Sprint users by its Tuesday promotion plan beginning on June 23, 2020. Do you find it an excellent chance for Sprint users to avail of valuable freebies and services for a discounted price? Comment below.

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