Google Accidentally shipped 10 Pixel 4 Phones Instead of One

There are a lot of things that always happen that are hard to believe. We may wonder how it can happen. One of those things are users getting multiple deliveries from Online stores when they pay for one. Or They may get high-value products. Most of the packaging for Online stores happens using Auto machines. So, there will be the error chance are less. The error can be less, But it can happen. Google accidentally shipped 10 Pixel 4 phones instead of one. When it is coming to software, Google can handle it like a king. But, When it comes to dealing with hardware and support, sometimes this kind of mistake can happen.
Google Accidentally shipped 10 Pixel 4 Phones Instead of One

The Story Behind Google Accidentally shipped 10 Pixel 4 Phones

A Redditor shared a complete story on how he got 10 Pixel 4 phones. He ordered a Pixel 4 64GB variant under the offer deal. Usually, Pixel 4 will be sold at $799. But in offer Google selling 64GB variant for $499. Pixel 4a launch is going to happen soon at the end of May 2020. So, Pixel 4 getting some deals. When he received the package, he suspects the package is enormous compared with the regular mobile package. When he opened the box, he surprised with ten 64 GB Pixel phones. As per the Federal law, when you got the order like that, you can keep them as a gift. But, He decided to return the package to Google with the remaining nine phones.

Google Accidentally shipped 10 Pixel 4 Phones

He contacted Google regarding the fortune box. Google also got surprised and made some arrangements with FedEx as per his return request. Again they made arrangements for the first eight phones as one package, and for the remaining one, they send tracking slip separately. When incidents happen like this, usually, Tech companies will add some credits to that customer. Google asks him to keep one phone with him. There are no additional details about the further steps from Google regarding that. The chances for the credits are high. Because Google always surprises Customers with gifts.

Can he keep the package?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier, as per the law, he can keep the package as a gift. Google can’t force the customer to return the package. Even if there is no law, Google won’t do the forced return. Because of that’s how they work..:)

Wrap Up

Google Pixel 4 have Soli, and it can do a lot of things. When you can buy it for $499, It is a good deal. The total worth of 10 Pixel phones under the offer price is approx $5000 without an offer. It can go up to $8000. It is huge money. We should appreciate what he is done here. Most of the other Redditors claiming that Google will add some credits for the Pixel phones he returns. Google already asked to keep one other phone. Other than this, Even if they didn’t add some money as credit, If they send other gifts or Pixel 5 when they launch, It will be a kind gesture from Google. If you know what right thing you do during this situation, you should do it. What are your thoughts on his decision? Comment below.

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