Google Fi Messages Web can make Calls and Texts without Mobile

When Google launched services, It always is the bundle of features where other companies lack. Google launched a mobile to give better software experience and regular patch updates. Google Fi is a mobile carrier service from Google. Where you can pay as much as you use, it has Flexi plans. You don’t have to stick with the standard plan. Google has control from the carrier level; they can provide some exclusive features that other carriers. Now Google Fi users can use Messages Web for making standalone Calls and Texts. Yes, Even if your mobile is switched off or ran out of battery, You can make calls, Texts and Check Voice mails from the Web interface. All processes will work on the cloud, and the logs will be stored in the cloud. So that you can receive the logs once you use your mobile.Google Fi Messages Web Call

Google has decided to roll back the classic Hangout, the primary chat platform for Fi users. Before this rollback, Google recommended the Fi users to use the Messages for Web to synchronize their text conversations. Now Google announced that Fi users could call or text using the Messages for Web, providing the RCS Messages will be disabled. Interestingly you will be able to make calls and text from Messages for Web even your phone is switched off. Additionally, you can also get voicemail messages on your computer. We can expect RCS support in the future.

Google Fi Standalone Messages Web for making Calls and Texts

The rollback of the Hangout is not something convenient for Fi users until now. However, Google has been warning about it and now decided to replace the Hangout with Google Chat in early 2021.

Google Fi Messages Web Calls Texts Voice Mail Options

With this rollback, Google has planned to migrate the Hangout conversation to the new Google Chat automatically. But the Fi users have an issue with the SMS threads that they have in the Hangout.  With this new feature, Google fixed that issue. Now Messages for Web enables the Fi users to sync their text messages. Messages for Web also facilitate the Fi users to call and text directly from their computer without any attachment with their mobile phone.

The Messaging for Web has new features like the dark theme, emojis in messages, caller ID option, and “Shift + Enter” short cut for message sending. And a nice ring tone for incoming calls also there to amuse you.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

How to Use Messages for Web with Google Fi?

The Fi user can use Google Messages in two ways. Here we will tell you about this one by one. Open your Messages app on your mobile. Go to Google Messages for the web page and scan the QR Code on your mobile. Alternatively, as a Google Fi user, you can sign in to your Google account, and everything will be sync with the web platform.

Messages For Web QR Code Scan

Send and receive only text messages

Google Fi Text Messages only

The text messages you send or receive from Massages for Web include showing you when someone is typing, offering read receipts, and high-resolution photos. For these kinds of messages, your phone must be connected. Messages for Web send SMS from your computer to your phone. The chat feature is available in this option. Note that you cannot transfer your messages from a Hangout with this option.

Send or receive texts, calls, and voicemails

Google Fi Messages Web Making Calls

With this option, you can make calls, send text messages, and check voicemails even if your mobile phone is off. You can also transfer the Hangout messages with this option that stays in sync with the Messages phone app. Remember, the chat feature will not be available in this option.

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Be aware! If you intentionally or accidentally delete your Google account, you will lose your data in Messages for Web. However, nothing will happen with your data inside your phone. Important to know that call history will be stored for 180 days only. At the same time, text messages and voicemails will be stored until you delete any. 

How to Sync Text and Conversation?

Make sure your chat feature is turn off before you sync your conversations. Now follow these steps on your phone.

Google Fi Messages Sync with Account

  • Open the Messages app on your phone.
  • Tap the three dots on the upper left corner.
  • Select Settings > Advance > Google Fi settings.
  • Login to your Fi account.
  • If you want to Hangout messages, then tap “Transfer and sync conversations.”
  • Tap “sync conversation” if no messages to transfer.

The “sync complete” message will appear at the top when the sync is done. You can use the option “turn off sync only over Wi-Fi” if you have enough data to transfer your messages. The sync conversation will be stored on the Web, and you can find it from here


There is no exact information when available to you, but the rolling out has started. Hopefully, we can expect the full roll-out before January 2021; you u can use the stable version for Web as your default dialer.

Wrap Up

Recently Whatsapp beta versions support Whatsapp Web that allows users to make voice and video calls. But you know it needs real-time sync between your mobile and the web version. As a Google Fi user, software support from Google is always useful in real life. Making calls and texts from Messages web that doesn’t need a mobile data connection is a better idea. This new feature of Messages for Web is good news for Fi users as they were much worried about Hangout rollback. Do let us know in the comments below when you will get your hands-on Messages for dialing.

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