Google Officially files its SmartWatch name as Pixel Watch

Even though Android is an open-source and companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are releasing Android OS mobiles, None of them can give the same experience as Pixel mobiles. Yes, there is some controversy on hardware specs. But, No One can beat Google’s software experience. There are rumors spread that Google is working on their SmartWatch. Finally, Google Officially files its SmartWatch name as Pixel Watch. Google already named Rohan as a code name for Pixel Watch. It means We can see the Pixel Watch soon.
Google Smartwatch in Hand

Google Smart Watch Code Name leak

There have been rumors of Google planning to launch an initial-party Wear OS-powered smartwatch for several years, and the latest report suggests that it could be nearing launch. We’ve already seen renderings and watches, face designs for the device that has, until now, not had any official title. Recent leaks have the Google smartwatch under “Pixel Rohan,” with “Rohan” being the company’s internal codename.

We’ve been calling Google’s rumored wearable device a Pixel Watch for a while, but it was nothing more than an appealing, low-hanging fruit of an idea. Although we would not have been too shocked to see the company eventually adopt a different name, this trademark application makes Google’s intent obvious.

Google Pixel Watch Official Name Register

The company made its application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 19 April 2022 (spotted through 9to5Google); however, the document states that Google already had an international application pending since the fall of last year in the state of Tonga. Google has filed to protect its trademarks under both smartwatch and watch categories, in line with what we’d expect to observe for this device.

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Google Pixel Watch File Registration

Although there isn’t any additional information on the device on the Pixel Watch trademark page, it’s nice to have a clear idea of what to describe Google’s first-ever smartwatch. Since this is supposed to be the official gadget for Pixel owners and Pixel owners, it makes more sense to Google to name it”the Pixel Watch.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Google Pixel Watch Expected Release Date

Most Awaiting Google I/O starts in May, and we would not be shocked if the Pixel Watch makes an appearance.

Wrap Up

Like Pixel Mobiles, Google may not impress all users in the early stage. But, Google is improving its hardware lineups, and they are doing a great job. Samsung began to use Wear OS in their Galaxy Watch, and they have a massive user base with its god hardware setup. So, Design and Hardware-wise, Google should prove itself better. Also, Google should make impressive features to stand in the crowd, like what they did with their Pixel Lineups. What is your expectation about Google Pixel Watch? Share it below.

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