Google Launched Exclusive Enterprise Pixel Phones For Business People

Other than regular usage mobiles, There are exclusive mobile is available for various purposes. Rugged mobiles are used in Construction related works. They have a standard processor and OS. The difference the manufacturers will optimize the mobile for specific employment or purpose. Samsung already has Enterprise exclusive Galaxy mobiles. They have a high secured version of Knox, and the Admin of the particular Institute can control them. Other than Samsung, other companies don’t focus on this category. Now Google Launched Exclusive Enterprise Pixel Phones For Business People. They are regular Pixel mobiles with a highly secured version.
Google Pixel 4 Rear Side

As smartphones prove to be more relevant in simplifying our daily activities and routines, Google has taken another step toward helping enterprise businesses. The global tech giant, Google, has announced its “Pixel for Business” smartphone – a smartphone specifically “Built for Business.”

In its “Pixel for Business” site, Google had announced that it had created a smartphone for businesses, and the device is packed with business-specific features. The smartphone actually looks like a typical Google Pixel device; however, what’s inside is different from what you’d get from regular Pixel smartphones.

Exclusive Enterprise Level Google Pixel Phones For Business People

This Pixel smartphone is primarily for business operations. It comes with virtually everything you’d find on other Pixel devices but included business management tools and apps for enterprise operations.

Google categorized the offerings (features) of this business-specific device into three categories.

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Google Pixel Business Phone

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Safe and Secure, All By Design

Titan M Chip

Under this category, Google hints that its Pixel for the Business device is equipped with a custom-built Titan M chip (introduced in 2018 in Google Pixel 3) to protect and secure the device data and bootloader – preventing OS rollbacks to earlier versions.

Biometric Security

This device supports face unlock and 5G to protect your machine further. Ensuring that all business data saved on the smartphone cannot be accessed by a third-party.

OS and Security Support

The device offers 3 years of OS and security updates for the best Pixels performance. It is also certified (Common Criteria/NIAP, FIPS 140-2, STIG) for Government and Enterprise use.

Google Security Services

The built-in Google security services scan billions of apps to protect your business smartphone.

Manage Devices Simple and Seamlessly

Zero-touch Enrollment

The zero-touch feature means users can deploy their devices without manual setup processes and configurations.

Work Profile

Pixels for Business smartphone lets you separate personal and work profiles for effective management. Hence, users can access and manage their business data and personal separately.

Managed Google Play

Managed Google Play makes it possible to select, configure, and distribute apps to your workers.

Management APIs

The Google Phone allows you to customize your deployments with several-management APIs to meet your business needs.

Android Enterprise Recommended

This device is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program and meets Google’s strict enterprise recommendations.

Help When and Where You Need It

To complement this Pixel device, Google packed it with the following features:

  • The latest Android OS.
  • Pixel’s Adaptive Battery.
  • 5G network support.

Wrap Up

Other than the software optimizations, Google Pixel Mobiles’ business version doesn’t have any exclusive hardware-level features. Because regular Pixel phones also have hardware-level security, including Pixel 4 mobiles. Google has always advertised its Pixel smartphone as the best option for businesses and has taken this step forward to showcase more reasons for enterprises to embrace Pixel devices.

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Unlike regular Pixel mobiles, You can’t purchase this version in a single unit. You need at least a few pieces to get the Business version. Also, You have to contact through your Business entity details. The latest Pixels smartphones from Google come with lots of business-specific features. There’s no doubt that other smartphones can help enterprises in one way or another, but the Google Phone for business looks like a better option, looking at all it has to offer. Would you go for Google’s Business Pixel device or stick with Apple iPhones? Comment below your thoughts.

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