Google Pixel 3a discontinue may be the signal for Pixel 4a Announcement

Google officially discontinued the sales of Google Pixel 3 and 3a in Google Online store. There is no wonder Google is discontinuing the old mobile sales. But, Google always has a habit of stopping the sales of mobiles when they are going to release a new mobile or variant. Google Pixel 4a, the successor of Pixel 3a, should release in May. But Due to a lot of factors, Google can’t release the mobile at that time. Now the rumors are saying Google may announce the mobile in the July 2020 month, and the shipping can begin from October 2020. To prove the rumor, Google stopped sales of Pixel 3a. If you don’t know, 3a mobiles making good sales compare with Flagship mobiles. So, the Google Pixel 3a sales discontinue may be the signal for Pixel 4a’s quick arrival.
Google Pixel 3a with Headphone

Google Pixel 3a sales discontinue in the Online Store

Yes, Google stopped the sales of Pixel 3a in Google Online store. So, there will be no restock in the future. The retailers who have the units can sell until they have mobiles. Usually, Google will discontinue the mobile before few days of new mobile release. But, Without any official confirmation date for Pixel 4a, Google did this sales stop. Still, you can purchase 3a in physical stores if they are opened. Due to the current situation, most of the stores are closed. If you are willing to buy Pixel 3a, You can try with other Online stores and Physical stores where the stocks are available.

Google Pixel 3a discontinue and out of stock in Google Online store

Google Pixel 4a may announce quicker than expected

Shipping Google Pixel 4a may take a long time than usual because of the current situations. But the Pre-Order and Official announcement can happen from the Google side. Maybe this year, there is no Flagship mobile happen. So, To compensate the timeline, Google pushing the release date to October, where usually they release Flagship mobiles of the year. As rumors predicted, Google may announce Pixel 4a before July 15, 2020. Recently French Online store taking orders for Pixel 4a. And they mentioned the shipping would happen in 8-12 days. Later they removed the product. Either they listed the product too quickly, or they revealed the announcement date.

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Google Pixel 4a French Store cartTaking a long time to announce the product will decrease the trend. Already Pixel 4a hardware specs are considered not in the current trend. So, Google should make arrangements to increase the expectations again.

Confirmed specs of Google Pixel 4a

Still, there is no official confirmation from Google. But based on trusted sources, we can confirm some of the specs of Google Pixel 4a. 5.81-inch FHD+ punch-hole OLED screen, Snapdragon 730 processor, 12.2MP rear camera/8MP Front camera, and 3080mAh battery. Yes, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. Google Pixel 4a comes with UFS 2.1 Storage Instead of eMMC 5.1.

Wrap Up

Google Pixel phones always have a good stand in the people’s mind with their software and camera. But the hardware is still criticized by most of the people. Google release of Flagship mobiles in October looks like they are using a year-old processor. Samsung always releases their Flagships in March 2020. So, The six-month gap with the same processor may make those impressions.

Google surpasses OnePlus in 2019 mobile shipping count with the help of Pixel 3a. So, Pixel 4a is an essential mobile for Google. They should not take a long time for the announcement. OnePlus Nord comes with 5G and impressive specs. Also, Compare with other mobile manufacturers, Oxygen OS is way better. To make good sales, Google should announce Pixel 3a soon. What are your thoughts about the discontinue of Pixel 3a? Did you feel the same way as us that it is a signal for Pixel 4a? Comment below.

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