Google Meet full integration coming to Gmail mobile App

We heard about a lot of success stories in the app category. Zoom got succeed in the needed time. Most people have to work from home during this time. And Zoom becomes there a must-have platform for all Employees, Students, and Teachers. Everybody using the video platform for different use. After this success, Tech giant like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft realized how they missed the chance even if they have vast resources. Suddenly everybody starts to release updates and a new platform that can support video group calls and chat. Google introduced Google Meet a video conference platform and increases the participants in the Duo app. Now, Google Meet full integration coming to Gmail mobile App. Until now, you can access Meet in the Desktop version, or you need a separate app. Hereafter You can access Meet in Gmail app also.
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Why Google Meet full integration in Gmail mobile app?

Instead of asking people to download the separate app, When they integrated the video conference feature into an already existing platform, they can get more users. It also reduces the work from the user side. Thus users feel it is simple to work and begin to use Google Meet often. Gmail mobile app already has Five Billion+ users in Android alone. So, the integration allows more users can participate in the platform. Also, they planned to Integrate Google Calendar details and allocate the reminder or event. Ginat Tech companies are trying as much as possible to get additional users to their existing platform by adding features. Skype added features that don’t need an app or account to participate in the meeting. When you receive the Meet link, you can access it from the Gmail app. Google Meet initiate option may be added in the Gmail hamburger menu.

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Google Meet integration in Google Calendar App

I recently noticed a small information pop on my Google Calendar app. But, I didn’t see much and thought it was a promotion. But, Google is planning to integrate Google Meet into Google Calendar app also. You can access the meeting from your Calendar app. You don’t have to download any additional Playstore or third-party apps to make a video call or participate in the video conference. After getting the Meet details, all you have to do is add a reminder to Google Calendar. During the conference time, you can join the calendar app, or it will trigger the Meet app when you installed it on your mobile. We can expect both Gmail and Calendar support roll out in the upcoming weeks.

Google Meet Calendar Integration

Google can be a better video conference solution compare with Zoom.

Recently Zoom getting a lot of complaints s about privacy and security issues. Also, they have to deal with the country’s laws and face some technical issues at peak times. So, Giant companies like Google can take a chance when they have enormous resources. Instead of pushing people to download the app when they integrate video platforms and make an easy way to access Google Meet in already available apps, They can get more use time. People always don’t hesitate to download the app if it is necessary. Most of the companies and employees prefer Work From Home. So, This platform will have a considerable future. So, Google should plan for the long-term. With free access to Google Meet for regular users, most of them will begin to use Google’s platform when they worry about security and stability.

Wrap Up

Video conference solutions are getting hit during this time. Tech companies already begin to utilize their already existing platforms. WhatsApp now can support eight people in a video call; Facebook announced Workplace Rooms for the enterprise. It is different from the Messenger Room, which is for regular users. Enterprise editions always have additional features to work with the office environment in mind. People still believe and trust the native app. When Google allows every user to use their video platform, they can get a huge user base. Also, in the Google Meet free plan, 100 participants can join the meeting. It will be useful for Educational institutions to run Online classes. The Google Meet integration in Gmail and Calendar will be a success for Google. What are your thoughts about the inclusion in an already existing app? Did you find it is useful for you? Comment below.

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  1. I prefer to have one app per function. When any app gets several other services, it is bloatware.
    Gmail already has Hangout.

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